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PAID MEMORIAL CHAS DEWEY Forever in Our Hearts Your life was full, you had so much; good times, good friends, a loving touch, such a passion for music, acting, poetry and people. You are the birds that sing, you are the flowers that bloom and you are the angel on our shoulder. May you always walk in sunshine and God’s love around you flow; for the happiness you gave us no one will ever know. Mom & Chris Remembering Chas is like remembering an illuminating ray of light who spoke sincerity through words and music. Chas, my dear friend, it has been five years since your departure and you are still missed very much! Arin Keshishian Model, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Producer, Scriptwriter, Cross Country Runner, Hiker, Brother and Son 11/02/84 – 6/25/05 Drowned at Lake Isabella in Kern County If Chas were still on the earth today, I think perhaps he would have completed a degree in music … I am imagining he would have written a “We Are the World”-type song, raising funds to help people in need. Paul Vitsky Chas would be playing major concert halls today. Had he the chance, his music would be all over the world. Joey Paul Jensen CSA His appreciation of art, knowledge of the classics and philosophy, critique of film and theatre, and creativity and innovation in music were mere fragments of how he could master anything he set his mind to. Gevork Demirchyan I believe Chas would have been starring in movies, television or on the road performing and starring in his own concerts. There was no limit to where he could have been today given his genius. Alexandra Guarnieri, Edgemar Center for the Arts He was kindhearted, quick witted, extremely talented as an actor, model and musician and loved God above all else. My life is richer because I knew him and I will forever remember him. Kara Kasnias Chas was part of our Kennedy Center Washington National Opera family. Chas was a very talented young man who had so much to offer the world. Jane A. Smith, Kennedy Center I had the extreme pleasure of working with the Dewey twins when they were just starting out in Comedy of Errors at The Shakespeare Theatre in D.C. Chas was incredibly bright and imaginative. James Latus, The Public Theatre Chas was one of my star students. He had passion for his music as much as I have for mine. He would have been a huge success today in the industry if he had been allowed to finish his career. Tony Brock Chas was an enormously gifted young artist that left us way too soon. With a unique talent for composing, a riveting presence as an actor, there will never be another one like him. Michelle Danner, Edgemar Center for the Arts Chas had that rare ability of being so open to new perspectives regarding his Voice and his Music. I would have been able to take him anywhere. Chas was a dream student whose dream was cut off. David Coury, Vocal Coach/Producer SAG On Your Side, continued from page 15 Te union oſten works in lockstep with you and/or your agent AT&T SAG members now save 15 percent off on a new monthly individual or family wireless plan from AT&T. Visit for details. THE PARKING SPOT Present your SAG card and receive up to 25 percent off regular rates at Te Parking Spot airport parking. For more info, visit or call Michael Kolln at (310) 980-4936. COSTCO Become a new member of Costco and receive coupons for free products and other savings valued at more than $50. Visit “Deals and Discounts” to download the exclusive SAG membership invitation. CRUNCH FITNESS SAG members save 25 percent on membership. For info e-mail or visit any location and bring your SAG card. SAG does not endorse any of the services offered. Additional member benefits can be found online at Log in and look for the “Deals and Discounts” section under the Member Services tab. to ensure that your rights are protected on set. SAG can act as a buffer for all inappropriate conduct. A call from the union, oſten coordinated with your agent, is a powerful tool that protects both you and the other members on the production in such a way that best preserves your working relationship with the employer both now and in the future. If, for example, you find you have not been credited with a meal penalty you’re owed, or overtime you’re sure you worked, you should report that and the union can make inquires on behalf of the cast as a whole. It has been our experience that oſten when there is one problem with under-payments, there will be other problems on that job. Staff can (and oſten does) ask for payment records of several cast members so no single member is identified as “the squeaky wheel.” Tat way, you as an individual performer are protected. And the additional benefit of always reporting problems to the union is that it allows the union to create a record of what’s going on. And that can be very useful during negotiations when we are oſten asked to cite “specific examples of violations or abuses” in order to bolster our arguments for stronger protections for you. As you can see, Screen Actors Guild is here to negotiate and enforce the terms of your contracts. But we really can’t do it without your help. Summer 2010 - SCREEN ACTOR 35 Sinden Collier Photography

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