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2010/11 SEASON RENEW NOW FOR ONLY $100! SAG-WGAE Film Society members and a guest: • See 24+ FIRST-RUN, PRE-RELEASE and BONUS FEATURE FILMS! • Are invited to special events and bonus Q&As with the film’s directors and stars. • Have a great movie-going experience. No ads! No trailers! The Screen Actors Guild–Writers Guild of America East Film Society is a non-profit organization created to allow actors to observe other actors’ performances in order to improve their own skills, and to raise awareness of current productions. The 2010/11 season begins September 2010 and runs through August 2011. The cost is $115 for a new membership or a renewal with a new card and $100 for a renewal with no new card. As a guideline, though not a guarantee, for the past four seasons we’ve screened more than 30 films per season at the DGA Theater and have shown some of the most nominated films of the year. The screenings continue to be held at the Directors Guild of America Theater, 110 West 57th St., NY, NY. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: 1. To apply, please fill out the application and return to your guild. 2. You must be a member in good standing (as defined by the guilds) of the NY Division of SAG or of the WGAE and maintain good standing throughout the season. 3. Your mailing address must be the same as your member address. 4. Your Film Society membership is not transferable. Your membership card will admit you and a guest. 5. Member and guest must be at least 16 years of age. 6. Member is responsible for guest’s behavior at all times. 7. Members may leave their guest’s name on the Courtesy Guest list at regularly scheduled two-day screenings. Tere will be no Courtesy Guest List at any bonus screenings or films that are scheduled for one day or less; guests will have to enter with the member. Te Film Society reserves the right to change the guest policy at any time. 8. No late entry or leaving and re-entering will be allowed 9. No smoking, no food and no drinks will be allowed in the theater. 10. Applications postmarked prior to July 12, 2010, will not be accepted. Any application postmarked before this date will be returned and the delay may jeopardize your chances for Film Society membership. Because of the overwhelming popularity of the Film Society, we ask that you follow the guidelines listed here: A. Applications will be accepted only if postmarked by and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. B. Applications must be postmarked no earlier than July 12, 2010. C. Te Film Society does not accept hand-delivered applications, and you may not apply over the phone. D. Please return only the application portion of this page. Do not send the entire page. 11. Mail will be separated according to postmark dates. First priority will be given to those postmarked on July 12, 2010. If the quota is not filled by applications mailed that day, we will move to letters postmarked July 13, 2010, and so on. However, if we receive more than our membership capacity postmarked July 12, we will then cast all of that day’s applications into a blind drawing. 12. Aſter you mail in your check and application, please do not call the Film Society office to check the status of your application. If the membership quota is filled and you’re not included, we’ll return your uncashed check to you. If you are included in next season’s membership, you’ll receive new season information by early September and your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. (Please note: If you request a replacement membership card, it is considered a new subscription at the price of $115) Finally, please write your SAG membership number on your check. 2010/11 New York SAG-WGAE Film Society Application Please clip ONLY this portion of the application and send with your check in an envelope. Please do not send this entire page. Walk-in or e-mailed applications are not accepted. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE SAG NO. PHONE NO. E-MAIL* SIGNATURE RENEWAL NEW ZIP CODE (SAG I.D. number required) (please provide e-mail address to receive screening info via e-mail) If I’m accepted for Film Society membership, I agree in advance to abide by all its rules and regulations. Furthermore, I understand that membership is limited and can be revoked. I am enclosing a check in the amount of: $100 (a subscription renewal) $115 (a new subscription or a renewal with card) (There will be a $30 charge for any returned check.) Mail application and check to: SAG Attn: Film Society 360 Madison Ave., 12th Floor New York, NY 10017 *E-mail address for exclusive use by the Film Society to ensure timely notification of bonus screenings and last-minute additions. Note: Because the e-mail database is deleted and updated every season, please provide your e-mail address every year if you wish to receive the e-mail notifications. New York SAG-WGAE Film Society Hot Line: (212) 827-1592 /

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