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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR powerful force there must be as many SAG actors as possible registered. You can upload your materials while sitting at home in your underwear or make an appointment for SAG staff to help you. Buzz Roddy New York Division ANOTHER GOLDEN OLDIE I read with interest Ms. [Ida] Lee’s comments [“An Elder at 80,” Letters to the Editor, Spring]. I too, have reached the “golden age” — which ain’t so golden at times. I’m a “golden 87,” with more memories than screen time. However, that’s another story. “Oldster, old man, grandpa, sage, senior or elder,” what’s in a name or term? I personally pay little attention to what others call me, as long as they still call me; or give a percentage off for being senior. It’s when no one calls that will be worrisome. Most likely I’ll no longer care anyway. I’ve had many titles in my lifetime. My answer to those who ask, “Are you a senior? An elder?” I’m a SAG member, who’s a senior! Belton Wolf San Francisco Branch INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING CAST For a number of years now, we SAG members have had at our disposal a tool which can put each of us right smack in the middle of casting directors’ radar screens — and for free, too. It is called iActor. Hopefully, you have uploaded your materials on iActor and keep your page continuously updated. But if you are like many, your iActor page floats there in cyberspace half-finished, or worse, you’ve never even signed up. Te biggest objection I hear to iActor registration is that “casting directors just aren’t using iActor.” First, there is indeed a large number of casting personnel who use the service frequently. Second, to be a truly 2 SCREEN ACTOR - Summer 2010 Editor’s Note: Signing up on iActor is easy; just follow the instructions at If you still have questions, feel free to contact the iActor Helpdesk at (323) 549-6789, or be checking your local Branch or Division page of to see if an event has been scheduled in your area to help you in person. DO WE HAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS? Screen Actors Guild has gone “green” and that means fewer printed publications, but more news and information online and in your e-mail box. Make sure we have your e-mail address so we can stay in touch. Go to right now and register online so you don’t miss out on any of the happenings at your Guild. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR are always welcome from members. They must be signed with your full name and Branch or Division affiliation and are limited to 150 words. Letters selected by the Editorial Subcommittee may be edited for accuracy, space and clarity. Every effort will be made to preserve the author’s intended substance. This section is not available to sitting National Board members. SEND LETTERS TO: Letters to the Editor Screen Actor magazine 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Flr. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Letters may also be faxed to (323) 549-6500 or e-mailed to The appearance of advertising in Screen Actor neither guarantees nor implies an endorsement by Screen Actors Guild of the product, service, or company or the claims made for the product in such advertising. SAG disclaims any liability whatsoever in connection with advertising appearing in Screen Actor and on the SAG website. 5757 Wilshire Blvd, 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600 Website: Tel: (800) SAG-0767 Fax: (323) 549-6500 E-mail: EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Pamela Greenwalt Managing Editor Damon Romine Senior Graphic Designer Yvette Youssefia Senior Writer Eric Williamson Advertising Coordinator Donna Reed (323) 549-6698 2009–2010 Editorial Subcommittee Jeff Austin Dave Bachman (alternate) Doug Bowen-Flynn (alternate) Angela Bullock (alternate) William Charlton Assaf Cohen (alternate) Rebecca Damon (alternate) Anthony DeSantis Rik Deskin (alternate) Evans Donnell (alternate) Sam Freed (alternate) Mike Hodge Laura Kenny (alternate) Art Lynch (alternate) John Carroll Lynch (alternate) Mel MacKaron (alternate) Mary McDonald-Lewis Cathryn Michon (alternate) Bill Mootos (alternate) Jenny O’Hara Kirk Penberthy Kevin Scullin (alternate) Ned Vaughn Liz Zazzi Contributors Richard Baldwin, Julie Balter, Marcia Fishman, Nancy Fox, Bernadine Goldberg, Jenn Heater, Tom LaGrua, Jane Love, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Valerie Yaros Contributing Photographer Terry Chan

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