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All Shook Up THE HARLEM SHAKE SHAKES THINGS UP IN BOSTON by Becky Sue Epstein / photos by Michael Quiet The bartenders at Market, in Boston’s fi nancial district, are fi nd- ing it increasingly easy to create new fans of HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur with their HARLEM Shake. The signature creation features HARLEM with a little vanilla-fl avored vodka and a dash of amaretto, shaken with ice and fi nished with a fl oat of root beer. Yes, root beer. It brings out the caramel and herbal fl avors in HARLEM, giving people a whole new experience, whether or not they’ve already sampled a shot. The HARLEM Shake at Market in Boston. Top: GM Kate Beaman mixes the cocktail. And many Market patrons do try HARLEM shots fi rst. Noticing the elegant, square black bottle with its pour of dark liqueur, they’re intrigued at fi rst sight. Some customers are looking for a step up, to add distinction to their order with a high-end call—a perfect fi t for HARLEM. Named after the Dutch town of Haarlem, the new herbal liqueur was created by Nolet Spirits, of Ketel One fame, so an aura of quality precedes even the fi rst taste. According to General Manager Kate Beaman, Market welcomes different crowds on different days. On weekdays she sees over-30, after-work regulars from offi ces in the area. Weekends, Market’s DJs attract younger professionals, post-college-age groups who might visit several of the bars in this neighborhood. Late night, HARLEM is also big here. Even those who might not know the liqueur are a little more daring past midnight, and will try Market’s HARLEM Shake. Then, Beaman reports, they’ll get even more experimental and ask for HARLEM with other mixers; two favorites here are cranberry and ginger ale. The bottles are kept in the cooler so HARLEM is always served properly chilled, as recommended on the label. Beaman, who bartended before she became a manager at Market, says people like HARLEM because it’s sweet but also because it’s not overwhelm- ingly so. With so many ways to utilize this new spirit, from straight shots to shakes, Market is helping put HARLEM on the Boston radar. 110 / the tasting panel / september 2010 HARLEM SHOT OF THE MONTH

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