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Page 51 of 51 "AJA makes the whole process easier." • 10-bit, full-resolution SD/HD over FireWire • Apple ProRes 422 codec in hardware – HD 720/1080, SD NTSC/PAL • Up/down/cross-conversion, hardware-based and realtime • Connect via a single FireWire cable to MacBook Pro or MacPro From capture to conversion, Keith Collea's entire post production workflow relies on AJA at its core. With a resumé including work on blockbusters such as 'Alien: Resurrection', 'Independence Day' and 'Pearl Harbor', the effects and post production veteran has been a longtime user of AJA products. Collea's entire post production workflow depends on AJA products, including KONA, Io HD, and Converters. "I'm a huge AJA fan," says Collea. On his recent feature, 'The Gene Generation', Keith chose Io HD as the centerpiece of a fully portable projection system. "Using the Io HD, an Apple Intel MacBook Pro and a G-Tech G-DRIVE, we were able to create a system that allowed the film to be shown on a Sony digital cinema projector without the use of a tape-based VTR for playback," he explained. "It saved us time and money, and the picture quality was better than if it came off of tape. It was just incredible." To find out more about how Keith uses AJA products to enhance his workflow, check out the full details at I o H D . B e c a u s e i t m a t t e r s . Keith Collea Co-writer and Producer, The Gene Generation

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