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Every Member Option On April 24, 2009, over 700 members at the AEA Delegate Assembly voted to establish an annual dues assessment, called the Every Member Option, in the amount of $12. This assessment impacts all active-certified and active-classified working half-time or more. AEA-Retired and active members working less than half-time are assessed $6. Members have the option of receiving a refund for this assessment at the beginning of each membership year. How Is EMO Used? Monies collected through the EMO assessment shall be divided $5 for the AEA Foundation for Teaching and Learning (AEA Foundation), $4 for AEA Fund for Public Education (AEA Fund), and $3 for the AEA Education Improvement Fund (EIF). For those members paying the $6 amount, monies shall be divided $2.50 for the AEA Foundation, $2 for the AEA Fund, and $1.50 for EIF. The AEA Foundation supports teaching and learning through scholarships and grant funding. The AEA Fund is used to elect friends of education to local and state office. AEA EMO does not help elect any federal candidates, since there is no NEA EMO option. EIF is set up to provide support to legislative initiatives and propositions that further the improvement of public education in Arizona. How Does EMO Support Public Education? education values in a number of ways, including professional development grants and opportunities, help defeat anti-public education ballot issues, support pro-public education ballot issues, help your local association pass bonds and overrides and elect school board members, and make contributions to friends of public education running for public office. How Do I Request a Refund? We hope you agree that your EMO is important and you want to combine yours with your fellow members' EMO to make a difference for public education and our members. But if you do not wish to do so, you can get an EMO refund by notifying AEA using the form below and mailing it to AEA, Membership Department, EMO Refund Request, 345 E. Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85004. Current members must request a refund by October 31. New members desiring a refund must request a refund within thirty days of signing a new membership form. When we receive your request, we will verify your membership status and then mail you a refund check. A refund must be requested each year by October 31 in order to receive a refund of the EMO assessment from your annual dues. AEA publishes this form in the fall issue of the AEA Advocate each year and you may also request the EMO Refund Request form at any time by contacting the AEA at 602-264-1774 or 800-352-5411. 2 EMO will be used to promote public EVERY MEMBER OPTION REFUND REQUEST FORM In accordance with Arizona Education Association (AEA) Bylaw Article I, Section 6, Subd. K-L, I hereby request a refund of the Every Member Option (EMO) annual dues assessment to my AEA dues. All of the following fields are required. Please print legibly. Name _______________________________________ Last 4 digits of SSN _______ Address _ _______________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________ School District _ __________________________________________________________ Phone Number ___________________________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________ Date ______________ A request for refund of EMO will not affect membership rights or benefits. DEADLINE TO REQUEST A REFUND OF EMO BY AEA 1) by October 31 for continuing members; or 2) within 30 days of signing a membership form for new members. Fall.13advo.indd 34 Please mail or fax this form to: Arizona Education Association Membership Department Attn: EMO Refund Request 345 E. Palm Lane Phoenix, AZ 85004 Ph: 602-264-1774 x126 Fax: 602-407-2385 FORM 029 05/10 34 Fall 2013 x AEA Advocate 8/7/13 2:35 PM

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