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Summer 2024

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48 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2024 RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE C A T C H I N G U P W I T H A N I N T E R V I E W W I T H D A V I D " R A V E N " P E T R U S C H I N | H E A D M A K E - U P A R T I S T & N A T A S H A M A R C E L I N A D E P O Y O | D E PA R T M E N T H E A D M A K E - U P What were you doing before you joined the make-up team at RuPaul's Drag Race? Natasha: Before I joined the team on RuPaul's Drag Race, I came from MAC Cosmetics. That was my introduction to doing make-up. From there, I started freelancing and doing a lot of independent films and photo shoots, stuff like that, and I worked on another show with WOW (World of Wonder) before I did Drag Race. That's how I ended up meeting the producers of WOW and being invited to come and work on Drag Race. Raven: I was also working at MAC Cosmetics for quite a few years and then I left because I wanted to pursue drag full time. When you're working for a corporation, they want to be your number one priority, especially with sales, and I wanted to be a showgirl. When I got called to do a show last minute, I was like, "I want to go do the show!" Getting on RuPaul's Drag Race, it's the ultimate "Hey, we see you! You're that queen!" But I would have never thought that would have turned into this. Natasha: Yeah, it really did just kind of just explode in the best way possible of course. Raven: You think back to those first few years of Drag Race, I remember seeing Season 1 and thinking, "Gosh, I wish I made it there; it looks like so much fun!" Who would have thought 15 years later, it's still going strong, still winning awards, still getting spinoff here, spinoff there, it's just amazing. If I would have told that queen walking out on the main stage in that blonde wig and that zebra dress, "One day, you're gonna be working on the other side of that camera with RuPaul," she would have said, "You a liar." But here we are. What is it like working together to create these looks each season? Raven: On days when Ru is in drag, I am the first one there, I am tied up with Ru all day. Natasha: We're pretty tied to our own areas. We're in the trailer with the hair people: Suzette Boozer, Robear Landeros, we also have a great barber, Robert LaMarr Randall. It's a fun group and it's a fun show to work on. And you are continually inspired by what we see and what the queens bring to the table and obviously, how that relates to what we do as professional hair and make-up people. We are fortunate we have such a great team. Raven: There is the core group of us who are always there. There are three different people who work with Michelle; Nicole (Faulkner), Ivan, Jen (Fregozo), you, me, Suzette, Robear, we have a really good crew. There's no ego. Everyone is there just to have fun, make the show look good, have a good time. Like you said, we get inspired by seeing them bitches on stage: "Oh, I wanna try THAT!'' The show we work on is straight-up eye candy, from those pink walls in the Werk Room to the beautiful LED lights on the main stage, it's all about glamor, and make-up is the root of everything we do there.

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