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24 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2024 MANHUNT WAS A FASCINATING PROJECT TO BE INVOLVED WITH, yet the ambitious schedule and the show's time period (1862-1865) were extremely challenging. I was hired at the last minute and knew this was not going to be an easy project. I was sent the first two scripts right away, and did my breakdowns, noting there were 56 actors in the first two episodes. Aer viewing hundreds of pictures of Lincoln, we finally all agreed on one specific photo to use, then Robin Beauchesne and I began to collaborate, with Vincent Van Dyke joining the team. I looked at every documentary I could find. I began gathering research materials and created separate boards for every iconic character we were to portray. I knew the styles of the men and women back then would be a challenge on every level. We gathered selfies of all cast members. It seemed everyone had the shortest hair ever! I had to be super creative to make this all possible, knowing that wigs, partials, and toupees would pave the way. I had my wig stock to begin, about 250 wigs. I rented another stock of wigs from Randa Squillacote and bought all my textured hair from Kim Kimble. ere was Afro tech and braiding hair to do, so I began right away making all Civil War wigs and other options on Styrofoam heads. My first job was to create Mary Lincoln wigs. Our team had two oven dryers, which came in very handy and helped in making all the women's wigs straight and flat as possible for this period. I loved all the center parts back in that time on the women's styles, and we added braiding hair and extensions to many wigs to achieve the looks. We used flexi rods on the extensions and added to the lower back of the wigs that were not long enough We had many wig fittings prior to shooting and had to cut up various HAIR B Y C O L L E E N L A B A F F D E P A R T M E N T H E A D H A I R D E S I G N E R MANHUNT Hair, Make-Up & Prosthetics Teams Discuss Their Process While Recreating a Historical Anthony Boyle as John Wilkes Booth (above). Below, L-R: Boyle before the transformation; Boyle with period hair. J U L I E D E L A N E Y A S S T . H A I R D E P T . B R Y A N G O N Z A L E Z K E Y H A I R K I M B E R L Y C U T T E R H A I R S T Y L I S T Continued on Page 26

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