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11th Annual MUAHS Awards 2024

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MAKE-UP ARTISTS & HAIR STYLISTS GUILD AWARDS | 57 VANGUARD AWARD MAKE-UP MICHAEL WESTMORE Michael Westmore's illustrious career spans over five decades and has le an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From the breathtaking beauty of Elizabeth Taylor to the bloody Rocky series, to the Romulans in Star Trek, Westmore's artistry has captivated audiences and set the standard for make-up and hair styling in film and television. e Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored him with four nominations and an Oscar in 1986 for his artistry on the film Mask. He has received a record 45 Emmy nominations, bringing home nine statuettes. "IATSE Local 706 is excited and thrilled to honor Michael Westmore with the Vanguard Award," said Karen J. Westerfield, Business Rep. "His contributions and expertise to our industry are unparalleled. His unwavering encouragement and guidance to elevate our members, along with the Westmore Legacy, will continue to inspire future generations of make-up artists and hair stylists. We are truly honored to celebrate his achievements and incredible talent. We recognize him as the man, the myth, the mentor… Michael Westmore." e legendary make-up artist has been transforming stars for film and television for more than 50 years, for everything from the Rocky and Rambo films, to creating the Sleestaks in Land of the Lost, and many of the alien looks for the various Star Trek series that followed the original. He is a member of the renowned Westmore family. Since 1917, almost every major studio has had a Westmore supervising their make-up departments, including his father, Monte Westmore, on Gone With the Wind. Westmore notably transformed Sylvester Stallone into Rocky Balboa for the Rocky film series and Robert De Niro into Jake LaMotta for Raging Bull. He created hundreds of alien characters for over 18 years and more than 600 episodes of Star Trek in all its iterations, from e Next Generation to Enterprise. Westmore created memorable disguises for Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra for the 1963 film e List of Adrian Messenger. He later went on to become the preferred make-up man for Bobby Darin and Elizabeth Taylor, and worked on such movies and TV shows as e Munsters, Rosemary's Baby, Eleanor and Franklin, New York, New York and Blade Runner, among others. Later, he turned his attention to writing articles and books on cosmetics and their application, including his latest book, Makeup Man: From Rocky to Star Trek, the Amazing Creations of Hollywood's Michael Westmore. Today, Westmore serves as an on-camera mentor for the Syfy channel make-up reality show Face Off, which is hosted by his actress daughter McKenzie. Clockwise from top left: Michael Westmore working on Mask; making up Sylvester Stallone on the set of Rocky; The Ferengi of Deep Space Nine; Westmore with his many creatures. Photo: Greg Doherty

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