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46 C I N E M O N T A G E T E C H By Jennifer Walden D irector Zack Snyder set an am- bitious release schedule for his space saga "Rebel Moon." "Part One: A Child of Fire" began streaming on Netflix right before Christmas, with "Part Two: The Scargiver" slated for release on April 19. Releasing two films just four months apart required concurrent work on both films. In addition, Snyder's director's cuts are being edited at the same time. Editor Dody Dorn, ACE, who edited "Zack Snyder's Justice League" (along with the late David Brenner, ACE, and Carlos Castillón) and HOW THE POST TEAM HELPED BUILD THE WORLD IN ZACK SNYDER'S SCIFI SAGA HOW HIGH THE 'MOON' Snyder's "Army of the Dead," said, "I've been working on all four movies simulta- neously. Fortunately, I have a great team. My first assistant editor is Carlos Castillón, who's worked on more Zack Snyder movies than I have. And since there's so much me- dia to manage with this behemoth, as you can imagine, we have second assistant edi- tors Shay Yang and Len Ciccotello, as well as visual eects assistant editor Skylar Zhang, who came on board during production." Castillón has worked with Snyder since "Man of Steel" (2013), so he's prepared to manage the many moving parts inherent in Snyder's films and knows how to handle working on more than one cut at once. "It's a lot to keep track of, but thankfully we did a dress rehearsal of this on 'Batman v Superman,' where we were finishing the theatrical version and starting the direc- tor's cut right away," he said. " 'Rebel Moon' is the same concept, just on steroids." 'KEEPS US ON OUR TOES' The PG-13 cuts and the director's cuts of both films live in the same AVID Media Composer project. Castillón explained that to keep it organized, they created four folders: Rebel Moon Part 1, Rebel Moon Part Scene from 'Rebel Moon.' P H OT O : N E T F L I X

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