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2 0 2 4 G O L D E N R E E L A W A R D S O U N D E D I T O R I A L N O M I N E E S OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN SOUND EDITING FOR 2023 Broadcast Animation OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN SOUND EDITING FOR 2023 Broadcast Long Form Dialogue/ADR 16 M PS E . O R G Rick and Morty: "Unmortricken" Supervising Sound Editor: Hunter Curra MPSE Sound Editor: James A. Moore Sound Effects Editor: Corbin Bumeter Dialogue Editor: Ricardo Watson Star Trek Lower Decks: "Old Friends, New Planets" Supervising Sound Editor: James Lucero Sound Effects Editors: Mak Kellerman, John Wynn, James Singleton Foley Editor: Michael Britt Star Wars: The Bad Batch: "Faster" Supervising Sound Editors: David W. Collins, Matthew Wood Sound Designer: David W. Collins Sound Effects Editors: Justin Doyle, Kevin Bolen MPSE, Kimberly Patrick Supervising Foley Editor: Frank Rinella Foley Artists: Kimberly Patrick, Margie O'Malley, Andrea Gard Star Wars: Visions: "The Pit" Supervising Sound Editor: David W. Collins Sound Designer: David W. Collins Sound Effects Editors: Kevin Bolen MPSE, Bill Rudolph Dialogue Editor: David W. Collins Supervising Foley Editor: Alex Wilmer Foley Artists: John Roesch MPSE, Shelley Roden MPSE, Xiuzhu (Mimi) Guo Transformers: Earthspark: "Security Protocols" Supervising Sound Editor: Brad Meyer MPSE Sound Effects Editor: Natalia Saavedra Brychcy MPSE Dialogue Editor: Christine Gamache Foley Editor: Carol Ma MPSE Young Jedi Adventures: "The Young Jedi/ Yoda's Mission" Sound Effects Editor: Heather Olsen MPSE Dialogue Editor: Robbi Smith MPSE Foley Editor: David Bonilla MPSE Foley Artist: John "J" Lampinen All the Light We Cannot See: Episode 4 Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Henighan MPSE, Ryan Cole MPSE Dialogue Editors: Emma Present, Jill Purdy MPSE Succession: "Connor's Wedding" Supervising Sound Editor: Nicholas Renbeck MPSE Dialogue Editor: Dan Korintus Supervising ADR Editor: Angela Organ Dialogue Editor/ADR Editor: Andy Kris Ted Lasso: "So Long, Farewell" Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley MPSE Dialogue Editors: Bernard Weiser MPSE, Bruce Honda, Scott Haller MPSE ADR Editor: Daniel Douglass MPSE The Crown: "Ritz" Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole MPSE Supervising Dialogue Editor: Iain Eyre ADR Supervisor: Steve Little ADR Editors: Abbie Shaw, Matthew Mewett The Last of Us: "Long, Long Time" Supervising Sound Editor: Michael J. Benavente ADR Supervisor: Michael J. Benavente Dialogue Editor: Joe Schiff The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: "Four Minutes" Supervising Sound Editor: Ron Bochar Dialogue Editor: Sara Stern ADR Editor: Ruth Hernandez MPSE Cartoon Network Netflix HBO Apple TV+ Amazon Prime HBO Netflix Paramount+ Disney Disney Nickelodeon Disney

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