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Spring 2024

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THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 • 47 CRAFT EDUCATION Zoom Make-Up During the pandemic, the use of providing online connection to our members was created using platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live to host education and informative meetings. Local 706 was able to carry on, keeping that connection, while we sheltered at home and waited out the rough times. One of the goals when I and Make-up Craft secretary Nicole Artmont decided to run for the Craft Education offices was to continue on with that very technology. Unable to foresee a work stoppage due to the 2023 WGA and SAG/AFTRA strikes lasting as long as it did, we used the Zoom platform to provide Craft Education to our members in the last quarter of the year. Continuing to use this technology where we can (hybrid or virtual) not only connect our members working and living afar, but it also allows us the opportunity to have educators participate who may not be able to attend in person. It was my pleasure that we hosted four presentations during our 90-minute Zoom Make-up Craft Meeting on December 6, 2023. I would like to share thanks not only with our presenters but to President Julie Socash, Assistant to the Business Rep Patrice Madrigal, and tech committee member Kimberly Carlson for their volunteer efforts and assistance to help set up and run the Zoom meeting. I shared a quick research database for "Hate" imagery hidden in tattoos; https://www.adl.org/resources/hate-symbols/search. This database may be used as a source when looking up historical information when creating character make-up tattoos, and also to help recognize, identify, and have the conversation with production when hidden hate message tattoos should be covered. These tattoos, although they may pass for "original artwork," are our responsibility to bring awareness to production to make the ethical decision of what they want represented on screen. Following my presentation, make-up artist Terri Tomlinson with her flesh tone color wheel and her new flesh tone color fan, demonstrated and discussed how both products can be used on set when color matching or choosing complementary colors for your make-ups. She also discussed how her clear mini-palette can be used, after mixing colors, holding it up directly to the skin to color swatch and check for accuracy. More information may be found at www.thefleshtonecolorwheel.com We also received education from local make-up artist Phaedra Williams. Phaedra discussed the creation of her 12-color Pro Powder Palette. Phaedra's colors are divided into two palettes: one of lighter and one for deeper skin tones. In addition to setting the make-up, Phaedra also demonstrated how her powder color palettes are versatile and may be used for eyebrow, eyeshadow and natural contour colors for the face. Her company is also able to customize and create face-color powders to match your actors' exact skin tone. More information may be found at www.phaedrabeauty.com Our third presenter, Local 706 make-up artist Karen Stein, shared her take on a common tool that our make-up artists use to assist actors in their performance work. With more than 20 years of experience working mostly in TV and film, Karen discussed and demonstrated her patent pending product, The Tear Jerker. "Coming back to work after the pandemic, I wanted to find a new way to use menthol, since the old system of make-up artists blowing their breath into the actors' eyes seemed likely to be frowned upon in a post-COVID world. After trying different methods, I felt that using breath to force the menthol fumes was really the only way to produce the powerful and direct stream that works best. I decided to figure out a way for the actor to use their own breath and The Tear Jerker was born. It's the only menthol blower that allows the actor to self-administer the menthol fumes, so they can control the amount and the strength. The long tube and tapered end make it easy to direct the menthol at the tear duct where it's most effective. I also thought it would be a great time-saver to get rid of the need for loose crystals and cotton balls, not to mention less messy! The menthol sachets are completely contained packs of menthol crystals that can easily slide in and out of the blower. Color-coded tips make it possible to have a dedicated Tear Jerker for each actor, so no worry of cross- contamination. Actors love having the control. Now they can blow themselves." Karen also shared the tip that just a small amount blown in the eyes can also help give our actors that glassy-eyed/ drunk effect and look. For more information, you may visit her site: www .thetearjerkermenthol.com. They are also available at Nigel's and Frends in LA, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply in NYC, Norcostco in Atlanta and TILT in London. B Y C L A I R E A L E X A N D R A D O Y L E M A K E - U P C R A F T E D U C A T I O N P R E S I D E N T

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