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Spring 2024

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44 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 As someone who grew up watching the iconic series A Different World, set in fictional HBCU Hillman College, I admired that series. I never dreamed I would be working in a similar setting many years later as Department Head. All American: Homecoming is a spinoff of the regular series All American. It has that modern-day Different World feel which gave me my dream job. When the pandemic first began, my mother brought up a show called All American which was on The CW but also was available to stream on Netflix. She felt that I should check it out, which I did. I was hooked after only two episodes and finished the first season in only a few days. While watching the show, I had an epiphany and said a silent prayer to God. I knew this would be a perfect match for my skill set with a young vibrant cast like All American. Fast-forward. I got a job during the pandemic to work in LA with a personal client. While there, a good friend asked me out to lunch as she wanted to run an idea by me. She mentions she has an opening on her show for a key position. It was already in full swing and only eight months left during the season. I told her my plans of going back home and she asked me to move to LA. I politely declined. However, when she said the name of the show she was hiring for, I gasped! All American would be the show. This was the same show I prayed to God about. She stated that based on my enthusiasm and reaction that she would take that as a yes. She was correct. I would be staying in LA for good! During the season, there was talk going around about a spinoff. Geffri Maya, as Simone Hicks, was chosen as lead for the new show: All American: Homecoming. The next thing I knew, my department head approached me and asked me to be the department head for the pilot. I immediately protested because I didn't feel ready. She reassured me and would make sure I was comfortable. Having consultations about hair, HOMECOMING DREAM B Y R Y A N B U R R E L L D E P A R T M E N T H E A D H A I R A Geffri Maya as Simone; Netta Walker as Keisha; Peyton 'Alex' Smith as Damon PHOTOS BY TROY HARVEY/THE CW NETWORK This photo and right: Ryan Burrell works on Geffri Maya

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