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Spring 2024

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40 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 Lana Horochowski and Michelle Ceglia: We were the hair and make-up department heads on the Max Original Love & Death, a limited series inspired by the true story of Candy Montgomery and the killing of Betty Gore. Everyone involved in this project didn't want the cast to look like carbon copies of the real people, which gave us creative license to make them true to the 1970s. Each actor and actress played a take on their respective characters, while also respecting the fact that these were all real people who existed. LH: Inspiration-wise, I grew up in Texas so this was easy to research for me. We had reference photos for some of the actual people, but we didn't want to lean into that too much because most people didn't know what they really looked like anyway. We decided to be more in the time period, and make the cast into more of a likeness than full-on characters. I drew from my own life and looked back at old family albums, yearbooks, and photos of my parents growing up, which are some of the craziest looks you've ever seen! Some people might have thought, "This is the worst hair and make-up," but it was really how people looked back then. MC: I love working on period projects and creating wigs to transform people. Lana and I were collaborating from the beginning as soon as I found out a lot of our male actors, like Jesse Plemons and Patrick Fugit, were coming from different projects set in different time periods. Jesse was working in the '20s and Patrick was in Babylon, so they all were coming to me with the opposite haircuts of the '70s—some length on top and nothing on the bottom. Right away it was wigs and sideburns for all. Keir Gilchrist had cut off all his hair, as well just before he found he was cast. For Jesse, I used his natural hairline and had to work with a rented 3/4 stock piece until the rest of his hair grew in months later. I was very excited to hear Krysten Ritter joined the project because I wanted the opportunity to transform her. The first thing I asked the director was, "Can I please make her a red wig?" Often, we see her in her signature black hair, so it was exciting for me to change her look and turn her into a different color for this role. One place where they wanted to stay true to a look was the courtroom scenes B Y L A N A H O R O C H O W S K I | D E P A R T M E N T H E A D M A K E - U P A N D M I C H E L L E C E G L I A | D E P A R T M E N T H E A D H A I R Love Death & TA L E S O F L-R: Patrick Fugit, Elizabeth Olsen, Bonnie Gayle Sparks, Aaron Jay Rome, Krysten Ritter, and Jesse Plemons Krysten Ritter Elizabeth Olsen Jesse Plemons PHOTOS BY JAKE GILES NETTER/MAX ORIGINAL

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