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Spring 2024

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THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 • 31 B Y A L E S S A N D R O B E R T O L A Z Z I D E P A R T M E N T H E A D H A I R , M A K E - U P | P R O S T H E T I C D E S I G N E R PHOTOS BY AIDAN MONAGHAN/PARAMOUNT PICTURES Daisy Head as Sofina ENTERING THE WORLD OF Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) as a journey of transformation ... a creative ritual in its conception. We have done make-up, real, practical make-up and hair character transformations. Our goal was to maintain a realism that anyone can identify with. If you see a single photo of our work, it may seem familiar, however, when you insert these images into the world of D&D, they will become magically mysterious, ready for the most incredible adventures. In a land where imagination knows no bounds, Dungeons & Dragons' make-up and hair proves that magic is real. When the adventure begins, it is not just a film, but a world of wonder, a cinematic journey of epic proportions! And fun. I came onto the project to design the make-up, hair and prosthetics. There was a lot to consider for this film. Most importantly, we had to create a world that D&D fans, young and old, could resonate with. Iconic D&D characters were to be embodied that so many fans have been role playing in their imagination for the past 50 years. The pressure is on. As always, we begin with the prep where all the looks for this film are born and raised. I like to start with an empty room where I ask to bring a huge, long table. This is the best way I am able to start the process of discovery. There's no pressure or ideas, just a blank sensation allowing my thoughts to build. Then the team comes together and we start talking and we begin to research keeping in mind that everything already exists. We simply have to find where it is hidden. There is no presumption that we are doing something unique, but then suddenly, something happens, like a small flicker of light that starts to grow. We can call it inspiration, an idea, or simple suggestion, at which point we begin to follow. Like a crack in the HONOR AMONG THIEVES

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