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Spring 2024

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2 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 " There is magic in the old and magic in the new; the trick is to successfully combine the two." —Adrienne Posey The new year after the winter holiday is a time when many people start anew, whether it be with a different hobby, workout, diet, or even a job. Starting something new can be exhilarating and get your creative mind working. I would say the same thing is true for starting something "not new" or what is usually known as a "reboot." The classic definition of a reboot is "the instance or restarting a computer and an act or instance of making a change in order to establish a new beginning." Product lines do it all the time. They change up the old product to restart and gain new business. We see it over and over in the entertainment world, a brand-new version of an established film, franchise, TV show, etc. What if we were to reboot some of our old skills, take them out, dust them off so to speak and make a few changes to partially modernize a classic. For example, just like you may see vanilla added to make a reboot of classic coke, so too can this be done with art. Many artists have experience with drawing or painting and have used sketches or pictures pulled from different places to do presentations and formulate vision boards. Perhaps a reboot would have you getting onto your iPad or tablet and using one of the many new digital apps to draw or design characters. You can do this for work or just practice and sharpen up your skills. Perhaps if you want to stay off technology and go straight to artistry, you can use certain mediums and change them up. For example, you can swap out using pencils for drawings but instead work with charcoal or even watercolor and acrylic. If you are used to using an airbrush for all your coloring and splatter, maybe alternate and bring out some brushes that can do the same techniques or even stipple sponges to get some extra texture in your color. By using different instruments, you may have used in the past, you may get a fresh new take or a reboot on a classic look. It is also super creative and enjoyable. By putting together older techniques with new and different combinations, you can create classic/ modern artistry. This can also be known as a "hybrid look." Hybrid is another term used for the many things that we have combined that are both old and new. We now have everything from hybrid foods to hybrid cars, as well as meetings and the list goes on and on. A lot of changing to hybrid is based on new technology and trying to reimagine vintage techniques and artistry. The goal is to help to save time and money in how we conduct business. With that said, it cannot be understated how the human touch in everything, especially art and the world of entertainment, is the most important ingredient needed not only for work but to preserve our happiness and sense of fulfillment. We all know that everything is even better with the human touch. Modernizing or working with certain technology does have its place and we will never go backward. However, while we are having new technology introduced to us every day, it doesn't mean it can't be combined with a classic. After all, everyone prefers Mom's home-cooked meals even if part of it was bought premade. Julie Socash President Managing Editor Adam Brandy Contributing Writers Adam Brandy Alessandro Bertolazzi Claire Alexandra Doyle Deborah Huss Humphries Jason Collins Julie Socash Lana Horochowski Michelle Ceglia Miho Suzuki Nicki Ledermann Patrice K. Madrigal Ryan Burrell Scott Wheeler Sean Flanigan Teressa Hill Publisher IngleDodd Media Office Manager Kathy Sain Mailing List Manager Kathy Sain The Artisan is published quarterly by Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706, 828 No. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 Phone (818) 295-3933 Fax (818) 295-3930 All editorial and photo submissions should be sent to email address: hllywdmkupartist@yahoo.com To update member information, email to: dispatch@ialocal706.org Advertising: IngleDodd Media (310) 207-4410 muahs@IngleDodd.com www.IngleDoddMedia.com Officers of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 President Julie Socash Vice President Kim M. Ferry Recording Secretary Daniel Curet Secretary-Treasurer David Abbott Sergeant-at-Arms Sherrita Cole Business Representative Karen J. Westerfield Official Magazine of Hollywood Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists. Published in the Interest of ALL the Members of Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 FROM THE PRESIDENT

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