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Spring 2024

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26 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2024 B Y J A S O N C O L L I N S S P E C I A L M A K E - U P E F F E C T S D E S I G N E R PHOTOS PHOTOS COURTESY OF JASON COLLINS, EXCEPT AS NOTED I've loved the Rocky franchise since I was a kid. Growing up watching the underdog fight his way to the top was one of the great American cinema experiences. When Creed hit theaters, I was once again hooked! Ryan Coogler captured lightning in the bottle! Michael B. Jordan embodied the underdog fighting his way through himself and the world, proving Adonis Creed belonged in the hall of cinema greats! When I received the call to be involved with Creed III, I was over the moon. Being a fan of the franchise and the insurmountable challenge of the continuity monster that the boxing film it was intimidating. Throw in the fact that our director was to be Creed himself, Michael B. Jordan, I knew that was going to be its own challenge for application times. Throw in the incredible Jonathan Majors who plays Damian Anderson as Creed's major opponent, I knew this show would keep me on my toes. Mike McCarty who supervises my company, Autonomous FX, Inc., hit the ground running with breakdowns and securing lifecasts. Luckily, we had the chance to work with Jonathan on The Harder They Fall with DH Tym Buacharern and had his lifecast already. We were able to get a lifecast of Michael B. Jordan through Joel Harlow's company, Morphology FX, which was extremely helpful. Being able to secure their lifecasts helped us shave some CREED III DELIVERS A PUNCH Photo courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. A M E R I C A N G L A D I A T O R S — T H E A R T O F B L O O D A N D S P E C I A L M A K E - U P E F F E C T S F O R C R E E D I I I . Glen Griffin touches up José Benavidez Jr., who plays Felix Chavez

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