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25 W I N T E R Q 4 I S S U E F E A T U R E FAITH in the PROCESS FOR THE POST-PRODUCTION TEAM OF HBO'S 'RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES,' DIVINITY – AND THE DEVIL – ARE IN THE DETAILS By Peter Tonguette I ts characters may or may not be righ- te o u s, b u t o v e r t h e c o u r s e o f t h re e ecstatically entertaining seasons, HBO's "The Righteous Gemstones" is clearly one of the most riotous, raucous, and rowdy shows on television. The comedy tells of the family life, business operations, and assorted scandals of the Gemstone family, televangelists who seek to reach souls over the airwaves and in-person at their megachurch, the Gemstone Salvation Center. The imposing patriarch is Eli Gemstone (John Goodman), but circling around him are a constellation of memorable characters, including his offspring: associate pastor Jesse (played by series creator Danny McBride), youth pastor Kelvin (Adam DeVine), and church singer Judy (Edi Patterson). Watching "The Righteous Gemstones," viewers might often have the feeling that the Gemstones' sacred and profane travails might lead just about anywhere, but the show is the product of the disciplined and creative work of a group of collaborators committed to a unique comic vision. P roduced by Rough House P ictures — the production company founded by executive producers (and frequent show directors) McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green — the show is shot (and often edited) on location in South Carolina. Th e p o s t p ro d u c t i o n te a m i s l e d b y picture editor and co -producer Justin Bourret, ACE, who has worked on the series since the pilot. Joining Bourret on recent seasons are editors David Canseco, Joseph Ettinger, and Todd Zelin. Re-recording mixer and supervising sound editor Nicholas Ren- beck, MPSE, has been with the show since the beginning. CineMontage recently asked the editors to discuss the virtues and vices of the Gem- stones and the joy of bringing their travails to life. CineMontage: Justin, what excited you about working on the pilot? Justin Bourret: I had met Danny and the whole Rough House gang on season 2 of "Vice Principals." They liked my style, and several years later, when the pilot for "The Righteous Gemstones" came up, I got a call that Danny wanted me to edit it. The script TEAM SPIRIT: Picture editors David Canseco, left, Todd Zelin, Joseph Ettinger, and Justin Bourret. P H OT O : A N G E L A R I VA D E N E Y R A

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