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30 PRODUCTION SOUND & VIDEO – WINTER 2024 A Conversation Killers of the What was it like working for an iconic director like Martin Scorsese? Well, first and foremost, filmmaking is my religion. I was born and grew up in New York City. My coming of age as a filmmaker was in the late '60s, early '70, and Martin Scorsese's emergence into the iconography of cinema was at its beginnings then, so working with him now has been very significant for me. I believe he was an adjunct teacher under Haig Manoogian at NYU in those days. Haig really created the NYU film school, which eventually has become one of the giant places of learning for cinema and for emerging filmmakers. This was at a time when film school was really looked down upon in Hollywood, and even the New York community as an affectation. It's very different now. Marty's scholarship, then and now, and all the time in

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