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September-October 2023

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on the same day. We witnessed miracles when the graphics department helmed by Eric Rosenberg produced ream after ream of beautiful artwork, scything away thick obstacles presented within clearance issues—it's hard to do a story that uses homage to other films as a motif without having to deal with a ton of legal red tape. I have to thank Betty Gilpin, Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez—our holy trinity—for their support and confidence in our design process. They let us have an unbridled canter through Simone's worlds, encouraging and supporting us. In the end, we made a show we are proud of and we took an honest human hand to it. We let intuition, imagination and determination tell the story right and take over. Faith comes in many forms but for the art crew on Mrs. Davis, it came in the form of one another. We trusted and we believed in one another and that came from the top. We took big swings and tried new things and I walked away from it a better person in many ways. It was an odyssey of sorts, as making films often is— taking us away from family for long stretches of time, facing some fears and celebrating the triumphs. It's a timely story about facing down a computer-dependent world generated by AI in favor of embracing personal belief and faith. We decided to be a part of a story about not taking the easy route. We didn't rely on technology to nurture us but honest craftsmanship, artistry and one another. As a crew and department, we stared the easy way out straight in the face and decided to be a part of a story that tapped into all the reasons we got into this business-emotional storytelling and visuals, collaboration, creative building and fantasy. AI couldn't have done it without us, but we did it without AI and so here's to a big shout-out to the team on the whole and especially our Art Department for bringing their skilled hands to the job! ADG Emma Fairley, Production Designer Harr y Otto, Papick Lozano (Spain) Super vising Art Directors Christian Zollenkopf, Shannon Walsh, Eric Jeon, Fernando Macian (Spain), Alvaro Cortazar (Spain), Sergio Ardura Pulido (Spain), Art Directors Denise Acosta, Micaela Edwards, Xi Chen Chou, Danielle Levesque, Assistant Art Directors Ron Yates (Lead), Kyle Courter (Lead), Trey Wright, Rick Nichol, Beibei Hu, Set Designers Jamie Rama, Alistair Milne, Jerrod McIlvain, Illustrators Eric Rosenberg (Lead), Edward "Ted" Haigh, Maxine Wu, Berta Llargués (Spain), Carlos Rigo (Spain), Graphic Artists Casey Hallenbeck, Mar y Mitchell Williams, Soledad Sesena (Spain), Set Decorators F G H

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