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Fall 2023

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22 • THE ARTISAN FALL 2023 Fatal Attraction was such a fun and creative project to work on. is series takes place between 2008 and 2023. Many days we were jumping between decades within the shooting day. We had a great cast and our directors and entire producing staff were not only welcoming to collaborative ideas and designs but also genuinely nice people. On our first day of camera tests, Joshua Jackson who plays Dan Gallagher came into the trailer with a beard. is would have been challenging to keep his real beard since we jumped between decades oen. I asked if he was open to shaving it. He said it made him look older and thought he needed it to help age him. With the blessing of the producers and directors, I asked Josh if I could age him for the test by aging his eye and skin, etc. If we collectively feel like you look older, then can we shave it? By lining his face with alcohol-based make-up and then doing a very carefully placed stretch and stipple, we achieved an older look. We also added jowls and broken capillaries and subtle age spots. I used a combo of alcohol- based make-up, gels and anti-shine for a dry patchy look. is worked so well. We were all so happy, we shaved off his beard. It was a story point that Dan has a beard in the opening scenes. I assured everyone I could hand-lay a beard (I did a lot of hand-laying facial hair on El Camino). I usually lay hair on the first day, but day one of filming, I hand-laid his beard. I used crimped human hair combining five different shades. I had an advantage because the day before, I saw and photographed Josh's real beard, so I had a great reference of colors and growth direction. All our characters who were aged had a combination of stretch and stipple and highlight and shadows to change face shapes and in many cases, we hand-laid facial hair and grayed up sideburns and eyebrows. For 2008, depending on the actor, we sometimes had to make them look quite a bit younger. In the case of Arthur, I put on eyelids to give him a youthful and lied eye, and GOING BEYOND THE SURFACE MAKE-UP B Y C H E R I M O N T E S A N T O D E P A R T M E N T H E A D M A K E - U P Continued on page 24 Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher 2008 version, and below in 2023 FATAL ATTRACTION

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