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Fall 2023

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12 • THE ARTISAN FALL 2023 CRAFT EDUCATION Craft Education & Local 706 Co-Host Event On April 23, both Craft Education and Local 706 Education hosted a joint event at The Elks Lodge in Burbank. This was a full day of education for both make-up and hair stylists, including a lighting class, a live 3D-scanning demo, and various other presentations. The morning program of Local 706 Education was hosted by President Julie Socash, and taught by make-up artist Vivian Baker, along with TML's (The Makeup Light) Michael Astalos. This three-hour class discussed lighting technology, including color theory, color temperatures and even the ever-changing lightbulb technology. Vivian and Michael led a slideshow presentation that showed how lighting affects the work of the make-up artist and hair stylist, both behind and in front of the camera. This presentation was followed up by Big Mac Trailers with Local 706 make-up artists James and Dyane MacKinnon discussing the importance of efficient lighting in the trailers and how to set up your workspaces with appropriate solutions. This C O N T R I B U T O R S C L A I R E A L E X A N D R A D O Y L E M A K E - U P C R A F T E D U C A T I O N P R E S I D E N T J A N I K L E I N B A R D H A I R C R A F T E D U C A T I O N P R E S I D E N T & B R E N D A B L A T T H A I R C R A F T S E C R E T A R Y portion of the day was filmed by director of photography Don Morgan ASC (husband to Local 706'er Geneva Nash Morgan) and will be edited and uploaded for our members to watch online in the future. James and Dyane brought a Big Mac trailer, set up with portable TML lighting. Vivian and Michael walked through the trailer with our attendees giving our artists a hands-on opportunity to see how these lighting options can be put to use. James and Dyane were also on site to demonstrate their hair and make-up trailer, designed for the current and working make-up artists and hair stylists, including wig dryers, wig storage, and private "Crow's Nest" stations. After a generous lunch donated by First Entertainment Credit Union, our Craft Education portion of the day began with a live 3D life-cast scanning presentation from Autonomous F/X and their new custom wig company Wig Worx. Our members watched in real time as a face and head were scanned and printed in about 30 minutes, offering our members an alternative and updated education to the traditional life-casting techniques of the past, while demonstrating the technology of the present day. Kryolan shared samples of some of their products that are versatile for both make-up and hair work,

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