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2 M PS E . O R G LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT MARK LANZA MPSE I PRESIDENT Sound Designer and Supervisor Sony Pictures Studios The Official Publication of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Editor CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Officers mark lanza - President david barber - Vice President miguel araujo - Secretary chris reeves - Treasurer solange schwalbe - Sergeant at Arms Board Members peter albrechtsen david bondelevitch mark camperell bill dannevik brent findley baylon fonseca amber funk christina horgan kevin howard scott jennings robert kellough perry la marca eric marks charles maynes garrett p. montgomery stuart morton korey pereira harry snodgrass paulette victor lifton The MPSE Wavelength is published quarterly by the Motion Picture Sound Editors Comments, editorial and photo submissions can be sent to Publisher ingledodd media Advertising ingledodd media 310.207.4410 Dear MPSE Members: Welcome to Wavelength's fall edition! Things continue to move forward at the MPSE. We had two great sound advice events in June and July. We had our very own Amber Funk do a "Magic of Music Editing" event, and we also had our first in-person sound advice event since the start of the pandemic! It was a lecture on the sound from the movie The Mask of Zorro. Thank you, Kim Jimenez at Sony Pictures, for giving us the venue! If you missed them, you could see our past events on our YouTube channel. We have a lot more on the agenda, check your email frequently. Our annual picnic is going to be October 7, 2023, so keep an eye on your email for that. It will be in the same amazing venue as last year, at Vasa Park in Agoura Hills. We will have great food and a lot of fun games planned, including that amazing 200-foot slide that has been revamped since last year! I had the honor of going to the Vaughan Film Festival on June 22 and presenting the EIPMA Student Film Award. It was an amazing event, and all the students were thrilled to be nominated. I had a good time meeting them and enjoyed their enthusiasm. This was my third time going to the festival and they are always a well-organized and wonderful event. The films are incredible, and the people are friendly. (The pasta was still spectacular.) The planning for next year's awards show has begun. If you would like to be on a judging panel, please contact Tracie Costabile in the office for details and to figure out a category for you to judge. Our MPSE merchandise store is having a summer sale, please visit it on our web page Editor Christina Horgan finally has her "perfect binding" and this is our second edition of Wavelength with this feature! Make sure you check it out AFTER you finish the "Letter from the President." The next edition is the international edition. We can't wait to share articles about our soundies from around the globe. Please, enjoy this issue of Wavelength! Sincerely,

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