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April-May-June 2023

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30 cgw a p r i l • m ay • j u n e 2 0 2 3 Disguise: Virtual Production Accelerator 4Wall Entertainment, a full-service lighting, video and rigging com- pany, and ZeroSpace, a next-gen production and creative studio specializing in the integration of virtual and live content, are partner- ing with Disguise to bring the highly anticipated Disguise Virtual Pro- duction Accelerator training program to the heart of New York City. This groundbreaking initiative will empower aspiring filmmakers and industry professionals with the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of virtual production. The Virtual Production Accelerator will provide an immersive and comprehensive on-set learning experience for participants of all skill levels. Leveraging the expertise and facilities of 4Wall and ZeroSpace, the program will combine classroom training with practical principal photography, enabling trainees to gain hands-on experience and an accurate simulation of the demands faced on real film sets. "Our goal is to revolutionize virtual production and equip the next generation of filmmakers with the necessary expertise to harness its full potential," says Addy Ghani, vice president of virtual production at Disguise, who spearheads the program. "Currently, finding experi- enced professionals in this field is a challenge. We are confident that, with our in-depth understanding of the technology and studio work- flows, we can empower participants to become proficient in virtual production." Participants of the Virtual Production Accelerator program will have access to state-of-the-art production facilities at ZeroSpace's headquarters in Brooklyn. Over the course of a week, the program will offer unique learning opportunities that are not readily accessi- ble to most, providing trainees with the tools and knowledge to cre- ate cinematic content on a large scale. By the program's conclusion, participants will possess the expertise required to leverage virtual production techniques, granting filmmakers complete creative free- dom and control over their projects. Pixotope: Pocket Pixotope is changing the game for virtual production education with the release of Pixotope Pocket. Available as part of the Pixotope Ed- ucation Program, the app gives aspiring virtual production profes- sionals what they need most: easy, unfettered access to augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio (VS) tools and workflows. Students can now access virtual production tools via both their school's existing media production infrastructure and their own technology. Circumventing the need for a fully equipped studio, stu- dents need only a smartphone running the latest iOS and a PC to create powerful and immersive content anywhere. "The introduction of Pixotope Pocket represents the next evolu- tion of the Pixotope Education Program," says Pixotope Education Program manager, Carina Schoo. "While we've made great strides in addressing the virtual production skills gap, we knew the technology could be made even more accessible to aspiring creators. The first SHOWCASE VIRTUAL PRODUCTION

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