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52 PRODUCTION SOUND & VIDEO – Summer 2023 I've spent most of my adult life working on film sets; from the Wild West of nonunion indie movies to long-form narrative films and TV. It was a great way to collect experience. I also observed a common duality for most of us on regular shows: long hours, unpredictable wrap times, exhaustion, etc. Once the pandemic hit, it gave us an opportunity to reframe our lives and what we feel is important. I learned there are more things in life than living on a film set. This was a major shift for me, as I had never put a priority on my personal life. I took that time to reconfigure. The variety of work I'd get called for expanded vastly, from primarily narrative work to about ten different styles of sound work on large-scale productions with varying complexities. My post-sound career rekindled as well, which has always been a part of my life and I've always kept a mixing room wherever I've been for the past twenty years. These days, many of us don't get the chance to choose the type of work we do. We either take the job, or someone else will and who knows when the next one will come. Regardless of the job requirements, I show up and solve problems, like any of us. I enjoy working in all the different disciplines under and around our little umbrella, albeit sometimes exhausting. The Way of the by Brandon Loulias

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