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Summer 2023

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88 M PS E . O R G recorded some sounds for Avatar which was fun. We attached some bass shakers and two transducer speakers to my mum's old Toyota and made some cool sci-fi vehicle material using the Lyra 8. I have two beautiful older children, Jordan 30 and Oli 27, and our baby Wolf, is now 8 months. We have put our chapter in the forest to rest and have put our big old cedar house on the market and moved back to Wellington. We have several films in the pipeline, but try to keep the music and other artistic endeavors close at hand. We like to think of ourselves as creative adventurers. It doesn't matter what form of art it is. It's that we give our creativity a birth and share our creative process with others that ultimately makes us more human. I love the linear nature of working on film, but I also like the random joy that comes from exploring other talents. We've done this thing we call song squad for almost five years now where a group of musically inclined friends individually in their own studios, write, perform, and record as many songs as you can in 12 hours. At the end of that day, eat and have some drinks while listening to them. It's so very inspiring for every other artistic endeavor in our lives and there are now more than 24 hours' worth of songs in the archive. Being a life partner with Shell is easy for me, She is the most talented human and I'm a better person for living in joy with her. Sound has been the gateway to us finding each other and as long as we have ears to hear, we'll keep making noise together. MC: I always knew I'd have to find a partner who was in the same industry as me, or at least an artist of some sort. We met at Park Road Post when I first came to visit and were friends straight away. The romance came along later, but it all made total sense. We're very fortunate that we're on very similar wavelengths and have very complementary artistic sensibilities. It's very rare that we don't see eye to eye. The friendship is key, we're very honest and give each other critical feedback, as well as support all the time. The most important thing though is that we laugh a lot. We have a very similar kooky sense of humor and keep everything we do full of joy. When one of us is struggling or self-doubting, the other is there to boost everything back up. If you keep joy at the heart of everything you do, everything else just falls into place. Thanks so much for letting Wavelength hear your amazing stories. We look forward to enjoying your future triumphs, Dave and Michelle!

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