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Q: Where are you currently employed? I am currently employed at Signature Post as a mix technician, but I also freelance at different facilities as a dialogue editor, re-recording mixer, and mix technician. Q: Current projects? My recent credits include dialogue edi- tor on Amazon Prime Video's documentary "Reggie" and the Sundance Film Festival feature film "King Coal," mix technician on Brie Larson's latest Apple TV+ series "Lessons in Chemistry," and Searchlight's feature film "Chevalier." Q: Describe your job. As a mix technician, I work closely with re-recording mixers and post producers in order to set up the technical requirements for feature films and television series so that the sound mix is recorded and de- CHRISTINA (Chuyue) WEN DIALOGUE EDITOR, MIX TECHNICIAN Christina Wen. livered correctly for release. My job as a dialogue editor requires me to edit, fill sound dropouts with ambience/room tones from the specific takes and angles, and clean up production recordings for episodic se- ries, feature films, and documentaries. This includes filling sound dropouts with ambi- ence/room tones from the specific takes and angles, finding and editing alternate takes as needed, and deciding which audio of the three microphone types that simultaneous- ly record production sound will need to be edited in -- boom, lavalier, sometimes plant microphones, or all microphones -- to create the best possible dialogue track. Q: How did you first become interested in this line of work? I have always been fascinated with s o u n d i n f i l m s. I g rew u p s i n g i n g a n d playing piano and studied classical music and jazz for many years. While pursuing a Film and Media Scoring degree at Berklee College of Music, I was exposed to the re- cording studio for the first time and ended up adding a major in Music Production and Engineering. During my studies, I fell in love with the creativity and storytelling process of post-production audio, and as soon as I graduated, I moved to LA to pursue a career in the industry. Q: Who gave you your first break? I got my first big opportunity in the film and television industry from my mentors, s o u n d e d i to r A l ex a n d ra Fe h r m a n a n d re-recording mixer Rich Weingart. They brought me on to be the mix technician for the Emmy-nominated series "The Boys." Through Alexandra, I have been offered 24 C I N E M O N T A G E W H A T O U R M E M B E R S D O

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