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20 C I N E M O N T A G E A R O U N D T H E G U I L D By Kristin Marguerite Doidge T he inaugural MPEG Ignite event presented by the Local 700 Young Workers Group was held on March 25 at the Guild's headquarters in Los An- geles. The full day of presentations and discussions was followed by the "Let's Get Fired Up" mixer in the evening to allow for additional networking and connection, as well as remarks from Guild president Alan Heim, ACE. FIRED UP DAYLONG SESSIONS AND EVENING MIXER PRESENTED BY YOUNG WORKERS HELP DEEPEN MEMBERS' ENGAGEMENT The mission of the event was to bring the Guild's newest members of all ages into the fold with "a warm embrace and with a thorough understanding of their worth and what it means to be union strong," said volunteer GĂ©nesis Henriquez. "Events such as this showcase the commitment our mem- bership has to the growth and betterment of each generation of worker so that they feel supported in advocating for themselves and others." The day began with a welcome from Young Workers co-chair Jason Brotman. "Today's program is an interactive crash course on how our union operates, the re- sponsibilities we all have as members, and why keeping these things forefront of mind throughout our careers is absolutely vital to the health of our corner of the industry as well as our success as individual profession- als," he explained, before passing the mic to the Guild's national executive director, Assistant editor Josh Kirchmer at the MPEG Ignite event. P H O T O S : D E V E R I L L W E E K E S

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