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ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT THE GOAL OF THIS DOCUMENT is to provide practical guidance to working stunt professionals, perform- ers and other stakeholders in the industry. These simple steps can help to prevent discriminatory practices in the hiring of stunt performers and promote equality and diversity within the stunt community. THIS IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT. This is a member-led effort, a practical guide, based on the experience of actively working, union stunt coordinators and stunt performers. NOTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT WILL, nor is intended to, change any provision of an applicable SAG-AFTRA Collective Bargaining Agreement. The provisions of an applicable CBA govern the working conditions for SAG-AFTRA members. THE DOCUMENT SHEDS LIGHT ON how the union enforces the agree- ment, particularly in light of an increasingly diverse workforce and the evolving standards of the industry in which SAG-AFTRA members work. THE GENESIS OF THIS DOCUMENT is rooted in a mandate f rom the National Board, carried out by SAG-AFTRA staff in conjunction with working members of our stunt community, to address one aspect of the disparate underrepresentation of certain categories of our member- ship in stunt roles. FOR MORE INFORMATION Stunts & Safety Department (323) 549-6855 24-HOUR SAFETY HOTLINE (844) SAFER SET (844) 723-3773 5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600 #1 #2 #3 It's Reasonable … to predict that our stunt needs may require talent not found in the appropriate gender or ethnicity of our membership, or even outside our membership. It's Unethical … to use these rare occasions as an excuse and rationalization to perpetuate the exclusion of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, women and PWD stunt performers from our working ranks. It's the Ongoing Abuse … of those exceptions that we'll eliminate through the waiver process. Safety First It's understood that stunts are dangerous and that some skill sets are highly specialized, perhaps existing among only a few members. Cast and crew empowerment to end the abuse. Often, safety concerns disguise discriminatory practices. How do we balance the paramount concerns of safety with equitable and inclusive hiring practices? | Spring 2023 | SAG-AFTRA 79

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