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Spring 2023

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Spring 2023 – LOCAL695.COM 33 Q. Please tell me a little bit about your career? How did you get started in sound, and how did you come to join Local 695? A. I grew up in a musical family. My grandfather, when young, dreamed of accompanying silent films at the piano before the talkies and, when older, worked as an Engineer at Deutsche Bahn, the German railway, where he helped design an early communication network. Not counting a few good- natured college tries, since I was young, I was inexorably linked to a career in sound. by James Delhauer, featuring Eva Rismanforoush As technology continues to advance and our roles on the set continue to develop, it's good to take stock of where things are and how they've changed over time. To that end, I reached out to Local 695 member Eva Rismanforoush, who was kind enough to give me some insight into her work as a Utility Sound Technician. On the Evolution of the Utility Sound Technician My first introduction to production sound was at university. There, Steve Limonoff introduced me to post-production and then production sound. Steve is a talented Re-recording Mixer. I am fortunate to call him my mentor. After graduation, determined to get a job recording sound for film, I moved to LA. I worked any available gig—within reason. The goal was to get I.E. roster verified as soon as possible. By early 2014, I finally received approval. And I still think back with great relief to the day I joined Local 695. Q. Are there any particular mentors or significant team members you'd like to mention, shout out, or discuss? A. Many. I've had the deep personal privilege of working with many, many great sound and video engineers. The list is longer than this interview. Two people, however, were especially important: Lisa Piñero and Randy Johnson. Both are masters of their craft and taught me with an unmatched kindness and grace. Every major opportunity I've an had is due to them. Q. Name a few of the productions you've worked on. Are there any that are particularly significant to your career? Where you learned a lot? Tested to your limits?

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