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Spring 2023

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Names in Bold are Local 695 members MOTION PICTURE – LIVE-ACTION All Quiet on the Western Front Viktor Prásil–Production Mixer Lars Ginzel–Re-recording Mixer Stefan Korte–Re-recording Mixer Daniel Kresco–Scoring Mixer Jan Meyerdierks–ADR Mixer Hanse Warns–Foley Mixer Production Sound Team: Ondrej Vondracek Boom Operator, Lukas Kuchar Sound Utility, Jan Mesany Trainee, Jan Sulcek & Peter Hilcansky additional Sound Mixers Avatar: The Way of Water Julian Howarth CAS–Production Mixer Christopher Boyes–Re-recording Mixer Gary Summers–Re-recording Mixer Michael Hedges–Re-recording Mixer Simon Rhodes–Scoring Mixer Bill Higley CAS–ADR Mixer Tavish Grade–Foley Mixer Production Sound Team: Ben Greaves Boom Op/2nd Unit Sound Mixer, Kayla Croft Utility, Iris Von Hase Utility, Yohannes Skoda Trainee & Utility, Mitchell Gebhard, Scott Solan, Tim Salmon New Zealand Crew: Tony Johnson Sound Mixer, Corrin Ellingford Key 1st AS, Sam Spicer 1st AS, Katie Paterson 2nd AS, Chris Hiles PSM 2Unit, Steven Harris Comms Mixer/2Unit Mixer Elvis David Lee–Production Mixer Andy Nelson CAS–Re-recording Mixer Michael Keller CAS–Re-recording Mixer Wayne Pashley–Re-recording Mixer Geoff Foster–Scoring Mixer Tami Treadwell–ADR Mixer Amy Barber–Foley Mixer Production Sound Team: Wade Keighran Music Playback/ Live Music Mixer, Ben Wyatt Boom Operator, Sophie Norfolk Wireless Microphone Technician The Batman Stuart Wilson CAS–Production Mixer Andy Nelson CAS–Re-recording Mixer William Files CAS–Re-recording Mixer Kirsty Whalley–Scoring Mixer Ryan D. Young–ADR Mixer Darrin Mann–Foley Mixer Production Sound Team: Hugh Sherlock 1st AS, Tom Fennell 1st AS, Emma Chilton 2nd AS, Splinter Unit: Tim White Production Sound Mixer, Peter Davis 1st AS, Julia Hardecka 2nd AS Top Gun: Maverick Mark Weingarten–Production Mixer Chris Burdon–Re-recording Mixer Mark Taylor–Re-recording Mixer Al Clay–Scoring Mixer Stephen Lipson–Scoring Mixer Blake Collins CAS–Foley Mixer Production Sound Team: Tom (Huck) Caton Boom Operator, Kevin Becker Sound Utility, Jeff Haddad additional Sound Mixer, Eric Ballew additional Sound Mixer, Zach Wrobel additional Utility, Cara Kovach additional Utility MOTION PICTURE – ANIMATED Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Jon Taylor CAS–Re-recording Mixer Frank Montaño–Re-recording Mixer Peter Cobbin–Scoring Mixer Tavish Grade–Foley Mixer Lightyear Paul McGrath CAS– Original Dialogue Mixer Stephen Urata–Re-recording Mixer Ren Klyce–Re-recording Mixer Warren Brown–Scoring Mixer Scott Curtis–Foley Mixer Minions: The Rise of Gru Tim Nielsen–Re-recording Mixer Steve Slanec–Re-recording Mixer Alan Meyerson CAS–Scoring Mixer Jason Butler–Foley Mixer Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Ken Gombos– Original Dialogue Mixer Julian Slater– Re-recording Mixer Greg P. Russell CAS– Re-recording Mixer Alan Meyerson CAS–Scoring Mixer Ryan Squires–Foley Mixer Turning Red Vince Caro CAS– Original Dialogue Mixer Stephen Urata– Re-recording Mixer Ren Klyce–Re-recording Mixer Chris Fogel CAS–Scoring Mixer Scott Curtis–Foley Mixer 695 L O C A L SOUND MIXING FOR 2022 OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN CAS AWARD NOMINEES

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