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Spring 2023

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CO R N E R TECH BY KOREY PEREIRA MPSE For anyone not familiar with EdiLoad, it takes an EDL (AAF, XML, or with the latest release of v5, a PTX file) and builds a Pro Tools session that references the raw production sound rolls. This gives a dialogue editor access to all tracks that were recorded on set. EdiLoad also includes a toolset to track picture changes and EdiLoad v5 from Sounds In Sync offers universal support for assembly creation Fresh out of school, I had no idea what a dialogue assembly was. A picture editor gave me an OMF and I worked from what they gave me. If I needed to build out a clip, I dropped a take at the end of the timeline, found the bits I needed, and manually slid it into sync. One day, someone introduced me to EdiLoad by Sounds In Sync and my workflow as a dialogue editor forever changed. re-conform Pro Tools sessions, saving hours or days compared to conforming sessions by hand. Lastly, I have grown to love the ability to generate picture cut and scene change tracks to a Pro Tools session. Scene change tracks are particularly helpful when cutting backgrounds or tabbing between scenes while mixing.

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