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Spring 2023

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THE ARTISAN SPRING 2023 • 33 Make-up and hair team photos courtesy of Eryn Krueger Mekash and Gloria P. Casny, L-R: Producer Kristie Macosko Krieger, co-writer/producer/director Steven Spielberg, Seth Rogen, Julia Butters, co-writer/producer Tony Kushner, Keeley Karsten and Sophia Kopera The make-up and hair team We also did a LOT of hair cutting. Seemed every actress came in with very long hair! I was thrilled that they were willing to go there and many got chops 12" or more! e girls, Sammy's sisters Julia Butters/Reggie and Birdie Borria/Younger Reggie, got very short bangs along with Sophia Kopera/Lisa which was a big change for them. Miki handled some of sisters, while Rox took on Mateo Zoryan Francis-DeFord our younger, very energetic, Sammy. We had Robin Bartlett and Jeannie Berlin in wigs, playing the mother-in-laws, Jeannie had two wigs, young and older. Miki handled her and also ventilated more grey into the wigs as needed. We used Robin's own salt-and-pepper hair when she was older and sickly. Barbara Cantu handled her wig. We had so many wigs working, because all of Los Angeles has long flowing hair! A sidenote, we did NO camera tests ... nada. Eryn and I did our own tests on Gabe to work out his stages but not on camera. So, the first day the director saw Gabe's short wig in person, was literally on the set just before we shot the first scene the first day of shooting. OMG … bucket list director, new crew, new producers all there, I didn't breathe 'til aer the first shot and I wasn't fired or receive the "can you do something different?" We've all been through… We worked with two sets of kids playing Sammy and his sisters. Also, their doubles, including a 6-year-old champ wearing a wig for countless hours a day. ank you to all who helped, including Adriana Lucio, Mary Howd, Ronda O'Neil, Mario Llamas, Danielle Dixon, Lisa Meyers, and anyone else I missed who came in. •

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