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Spring 2023

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the Viseart matte eye shadow palette to give an evil, sinister feel to the structure of his face. Next, I used Bluebird aging stipple in beige and clove in a stretch and stipple pattern around eyes, mouth, neck and hands. We applied some large mousy gray bushy sideburn chops I had made from another job in London that were never used (I would give the credit to the ventilator but I couldn't trace a name). The sideburns were applied with alcohol-thinned Super Baldiez and Attagel applied to the skin with a single use sustainable bamboo lip gloss wand (the kind with a sponge tip, not bristles). I made the nails with clear nail tips. I buffed out the shine and shaped them to look snaggy, brittle, and chipped, and then painted them with alcohol paints on the back side, so the color showed through organically. They were applied with pre-cut blue tape, normally used for toupees. His hands were painted to achieve a look of arthritic knuckles and old man veins. Finally, the moles. They happened on the fly, and were made of Duo Eyelash glue on the same day they worked for the first time. Icing on the cake. Bridget and I had a great time designing and helping each other find these two characters and are both so grateful that at times we had had the "best seats in the house" watching the actors in this film sing, dance and we are happy to help them play pretend! Happy holidays everyone and for those who have seen the movie already... Good afternoon! Hahaha! MONICA HUPPERT: DEPARTMENT HEAD MAKE-UP A Christmas movie in the summer! Thank goodness I was surrounded by a group of talented make-up artists. My department had a bit of everything on this film—characters, period make-ups, glamour, aging, make-up FX, and dancers. With a cast of 95 actors/actresses, 40 regular company dancers WIll Farrell with Autumn Butler Octavia Spencer

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