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Spring 2023

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VIVIAN BAKER: RYAN REYNOLDS' MAKE-UP We began filming Spirited the summer of 2021 in Boston. An awesome group of make-up and hair talent that came together to design and create the musical version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer. The aforementioned stars would have their own personal make- up and hair: Autumn Butler and Bridget Cook for Mr. Ferrell, Vivian Baker and Anne Carroll for Mr. Reynolds, Valerie Noble and Shannon Bakeman for Ms. Spencer with Department Head Make-up Monica Huppert and Department Head Hair Rita Parillo. When I was approached about this article, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to make sure that all my esteemed colleagues and friends had the opportunity to tell you about the work they did. Anne Carroll and I have been a team for a number of films now and there is nothing that Anne cannot do, build and create. Ryan's character was a handsome fella with only two flashbacks in the film. (Clearly, I had the easiest job on this picture.) Anne used a 3/4 customized hairpiece that was easily applied with toupee clips for fast changes. This piece was used to lengthen his hair and bring in some more movement and youthful appearance. I applied small sideburn pieces that fit with the longer style. In the second flashback, she styled Ryan's own hair smooth with a parting and squared off hairline. AUTUMN BUTLER AND BRIDGET COOK: WILL FERRELL'S PERSONAL TEAM Bridget Cook and I had such a great experience on Spirited. It was impressive seeing how hard the cast and dancers practiced and rehearsed for over a month, before the movie started filming. I had the pleasure and opportunity to collaborate as a team again with Bridget doing Will's hair, while I did his make-up. I am always in awe of how she makes a hair style or wig add so much life to the characters Will has played. Spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie yet: Will played two different characters in the movie, so he had two different looks. He plays the Ghost of Christmas Present, in addition to Ebenezer Scrooge. This was our second movie with director Sean Anders, who was always helpful with specific notes. When Will is playing Present, he should look his very best. With Scrooge, who has been represented over the years in a variety of different ways, Sean wanted the "classic and of the period" (1830s) Scrooge. He wanted thinned, stringy, greasy, gray hair. Big 1830s sideburns. Weathered, ugly stained teeth, rosacea, ink on fingers and dirty nails. Bridget and I could see from the dancing rehearsals in prep that keeping corrective make-up on Will for 40 takes of a dance number wouldn't be possible without a creative pass at making his foundation as waterproof as possible. First, I applied the spray PHOTOS, EXCEPT AS NOTED: CLAIRE FOLGER/APPLE TV+ Will Ferrell with Autumn Butler. Opposite page: Ryan Reynolds with Vivian Baker.

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