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Spring 2023

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20 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2023 DAYTIME TELEVISION BEST MAKE-UP THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Christine Lai-Johnson Hajja Barnes James Elle Dan Crawley THE BOULET BROTHERS DRAGULA: TITANS Swanthula Boulet Dracmorda Boulet I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE Tonia Green Christina M. Jimenez THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW Chanty LaGrana Valente Frazier Gloria Elias-Foeillet Jessica Reyes Paccitti THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Patricia Denney Stacey Alfano Kelsey Collins Robert Bolger BEST HAIR STYLING THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie Paugh Karlye Buff Alexis Reyes Danielle Dubinsky THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW Tara Copeland Roberto Ramos THE TALK Jasmin Robles THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Lauren Mendoza Justin Jackson Michelle Corona Guilherme Schoedler CHILDREN & TEEN TELEVISION PROGRAMMING BEST MAKE-UP DANGER FORCE Michael Johnston Bradley Look Kevin Westmore Tyson Fountaine THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS Michael Johnston Julie Hassett Gerardo Avila Tyson Fountaine HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: "The Musical: The Series" (Season 3) Kim Collea Cool Benson Maryann Marchetti THE QUEST Elle Favorule Michelle Sfarzo Sonia Cabrera THE REALLY LOUD HOUSE Sierra Barton Alisha L. Baijounas BEST HAIR STYLING DANGER FORCE Joe Matke Roma Goddard Yunea Cruz Danyell Lynn Weinberg THE QUEST Erica Adams Alyn R. Topper Lauren McKeever Jennifer Tremont THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS: FAIRLY ODDER Joe Matke Melanie Verkins Justin Jackson Jennifer Green RAVEN'S HOME (Season 5) Dwayne Ross Tamara Tripp Lauren Kinermon THAT GIRL LAY LAY (Season 2 Ep. 10) Dwayne Ross Kari Williams Lauren Kinermon COMMERCIALS & MUSIC VIDEOS BEST MAKE-UP AMAZON: MEDUSA MAKES FRIENDS Dominie Till Christien Tinsley Josh Foster Gunn Espegard AMERICAN HORROR STORIES: DOLLHOUSE PROMO Kerry Herta Jason Collins Alyssa Morgan Christina Kortum IMAGINE DRAGONS: BONES (Official Music Video) Ally McGillicuddy Malina Stearns Meg Wilbur Dave Snyder OMAZE: OZZY OSBOURNE HAS A FALLING OUT WITH HIS PET DEMON Richard Redlefsen Chelsea Delfino OZZY OSBOURNE: PATIENT NO. 9 (Official Music Video) ft. Jeff Beck Richard Redlefsen Chelsea Delfino BEST HAIR STYLING AMERICAN HORROR STORIES: SEASON 2" PROMOS Joe Matke Tiphanie Baum Jerilynn Stephens Johnny Lomeli BEJEWELED – TAYLOR SWIFT Cheryl R. Marks Allyson Joyner Jemma Muradian HOLIDAYS: ROMEO AND JULIET – AMAZON Dominie Till Gunn Espegard Dawn V. Dudley Renee Vaca LIFE IN A VICTORIAN HOME– GEICO Audrey Futterman-Stern Tom Opitz Jackie Weiss Kerry Mendenhall NOURISH EVERY YOU LIL NAS X – VITAMIN WATER Stacey Morris Dominique Evans Taurus Jerome THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS (LIVE STAGE) BEST MAKE-UP HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Jason Michael Torres Timothy Santry Jenni Gilbert Yulitzin Alvarez KINKY BOOTS Brandi Strona Glen Alen Lilia Villasenor LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR Samantha Wiener Brandi Strona SLEEPING BEAUTY Lindsay Saier Lyre Alston TOSCA Samantha Wiener Brandi Strona Danielle E. Richter BEST HAIR STYLING KINKY BOOTS Brandi Strona Jacki Nocerino Mary Czech LA TRAVIATA Jeanna Parham Christina E. Martin OMAR Samantha Wiener Danielle E. Richter Jacki Nocerino SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Lindsay Saier Leilani Norman WEST SIDE STORY Christina E. Martin Y. Sharon Peng

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