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position, so it sometimes is a fine balancing act. This I really want you to understand, I need for you to understand, and at the same time when this occurs I want you to recog- nize I am not trying to be non-transparent. We are all literally in this together. I want to stand side-by-side with you, to have mutual respect, and a willingness to self-examine from me and from you. We can all always endeavor to do better. Let us always be kind and gracious and decent to one another. Oh, and if you want a leader who you fear, you picked the wrong person. And now, how many times in this col- umn does the word transparency appear? I did not count. ■ HIRE A UNION SOUND TEAM AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL HEAR EVERY WORD 10 C I N E M O N T A G E F R O M C A T H Y R E P O L A , N A T I O N A L E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R CORRRECTIONS The masthead of the Q3 issue incorrectly listed Bobbi Banks as an ACE member. The Q3 cover story about the series "Gaslit" reversed the photo identifications for Joe Leonard and Franklin Peterson. CineMontage regrets the errors.

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