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" rade: . Constantly shifts what the audience is expecting and continuously moves the pieces on the ever-shifting puzzle. An impeccably crafted mystery onion, peeling away and unraveling the details of the story while adding whole new ayers as the film progresses." C O L L I D E R FILM.NETFLIXAWARDS.COM Scan here to go behind the scenes A NEW WHODUNNIT FROM WRITER/DIRECTOR RIAN JOHNSON NOMINEE HOLLYWOOD CRITICS ASSOCIATION BEST EDITING B o b D u c s ay VARIETY CREATIVE COLLABORATORS AWARD Rian Johnson & Bob Ducsay W I N N E R She slides one of the marbles to checkmate. / BEGIN A BRIEF S OLVING MONTAGE: Puzzle pieces sliding, abacus tiles being calculated. With hushed awe, Claire, Lionel, Duke and Birdie all take their notes, and read. A darkened garage. / She gets up and walks out of frame. Then a few moments later she comes back. With a hammer. Lionel lifts the card on the wooden box. "LOVE, MILES!" / CUT TO: The gang works together, solving the puzzles one by one. F O R Y O U R C O N S I D E R A T I O N I N A L L C A T E G O R I E S I N C L U D I N G ES ICTUR "est •ilm –diting Bob Ducsay, ACE

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