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A'SIA HORNE ASSISTANT EDITOR Q: Where are you currently employed? I just finished working on "The Woman King." I'm currently on hiatus before my next project. Q: Describe your job. As an assistant editor, it is my duty to help my editor create the vision of the direc- tor or showrunner. Whether I'm grouping dailies, adding temp sound effects or pro- viding feedback when I have the chance, it is my job to help my editor perform at their optimal level and to do my best to stay a step ahead of them. Q: How did you first become interested in this line of work? I was introduced to editing in high school where I learned Final Cut Pro 7. But college really sparked it. I went to Florida A&M University where I majored in broad- cast journalism. We had to edit segments for our live newscast three times a week. We were handed the manual and tutorials. A'sia Horne. P H OT O : M A R K E D WA R D S The tutorials gave you the basics but, of course, I was one of the nerds who read the entire manual. Also, our documentary class really set it off for me. I was good at the other bits — producing, shooting — but editing seemed to really mesh with me. I loved figuring out the deeper details of Final Cut Pro 7; it helped us learn how to heighten the storytelling for our doc. In my senior year, I interned at ESPN as an editor and cut high- W H A T O U R M E M B E R S D O 32 C I N E M O N T A G E

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