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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S I 73 PERRY LA MARCA MPSE: What was the impetus for the book? STEVEN SALTZMAN MPSE: The catalyst that started it all was a question I had been pondering for a long time—What's the inner workings of our careers and why and how do we choose our paths and why is that important? It's both those choices we make and interactions with people and places along the way that are so intriguing. Why do we gravitate and choose these often challenging, creative but wonderful careers? There were a number of experiences and circumstances that led me to write this book. After graduation from Berklee with my dream of composing for film in Hollywood in hand, I began to realize my education had not prepared me for breaking into the field or navigating the nuances of a career as a composer. It's interesting to reflect back now on the challenges that interfaced with my goals for family life. My wife Katherine and I I recently had the opportunity to chat with veteran music editor Steven Saltzman for the second time! Steven was my first interview for the initial edition of MPSE Wavelength where I interviewed him on his extensive career as a music editor and as the author of the seminal textbook in his field—Music Editing for Film and Television: The Art and the Process. Since then, he found the time to create a new book; one that explores the collaborative relationships between filmmakers, editors, and composers. Here then, dear reader, is our chat about Steven's most recent literary effort, The Music of Film: Collaborations and Conversations. often wished there had been a guide book for delving into Hollywood, something that opened up a dialogue about the real-life issues that one contends with on the roller coaster of pursuing a dream. What's entailed not only for the individual, but their partner, spouse, family, or going it solo. Whether it is the lean times between gigs and financial challenges, the emotional highs and successes, as well as the worry, Do I have what it takes? There seemed to be a need for recognition of the stressors and solutions as individuals leaped into this work and the impact on those around them. We've all seen the effect on relationships compromised by the stressors of this work. With this in mind, one important question I wanted to ask the interviewees about life balance is, "If your spouse or partner were here interviewing, what would they say?" From my years of teaching and mentoring, I found often students and new colleagues entering the field were thirsty to know the inner

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