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Winter 2023

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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S I 45 and The Danny Kaye Show. His IMDb doesn't have half of the titles he worked on. He was always hunting down work. Every week he'd go through The Hollywood Reporter and Variety with his highlighter looking for the next opportunity. I remember many times we'd walk the halls of a studio and he'd walk right into the picture editing room to see if he knew the people inside. If he didn't, he did by the time he left. His work ethic is one of many things I got from my dad. He told me "whether the job paid a nickel or dime, to do the same quality of work because your name is on it." That stuck with me. I've done jobs where I've been paid with the promise of future work that never came but I've also done some that I've been paid very well. They all have my best work on them. Over the years I met so many

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