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Winter 2023

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12 I M PS E . O R G CO R N E R TECH BY KOREY PEREIRA MPSE Where to begin? When forced to cut between a boom and a lav, I like to start by removing a minimal amount of the reverberance in the boom with DeRoom Pro when I am intercutting it with a lav. As with most processing, I find a lighter touch is the best approach. Somewhere between 2dB and 14dB removes some "room" without noticeable artifacting in most cases. In the same way, I will often use DeRoom Pro to balance reverberance from dissimilar setups. Sometimes this calls for taking just a little off a track to make the scene play. Other times you need to add a little bit back in. DeRoom Pro + Chameleon Make Matching Reverberance a Breeze One major challenge for dialogue editors (and mixers) is matching the reverberance between boom and lav, as well as various setups within a scene. Especially on shows with quick turns and short mixes, I have found myself as an editor trying to match takes to make scenes run smoother on the stage. Enter Accentize's Chameleon and DeRoom Pro.

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