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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S I 11 BY BERNARD WEISER MPSE Bridging the Gap BETWEEN ASPIRING PROFESSIONALS AND INDUSTRY EXPERTS Here is our Entertainment Mentoring Alliance update: On September 22, 2022, EIPMA partnered with the Burbank Public Library for a webinar discussion: State of the Entertainment Industry: Career Paths A Webinar Discussion Presented by EIPMA & the Burbank Public Library Moderator: Debra Kaufman – This webinar discussed: • State of the industry (features, broadcast, streaming, music). • Is a career in this industry right for you? What to expect. • Opportunities & the array of jobs that exist today. • EIPMA: How and why it formed and what we do and how we can help you. It was a very successful event for the library and we will be planning future events with them. Many thanks to Linda Rosner for coordinating this event. On October 9, 2022, the Cinema Audio Society, Motion Picture Sound Editors, and EIPMA presented: Careers in Sound: Speed-Mentoring Sessions Through many panels, talks and speed-mentoring sessions, we have heard the question asked by most students over and over again: "How do I break into the industry when I get out of school?" It's a question that all of those now working in the industry have had to grapple with upon graduation. With that in mind, the Cinema Audio Society and Motion Picture Sound Editors looked back into their talented group of CAS Student Recognition Award and MPSE Student Sound Editing Award finalists and asked them to lend their personal experiences of getting started in the industry for a speed- mentoring session where they would be the mentors. Who better than these young professionals to answer that and other questions posed by students. This was a very successful event, bringing a different perspective to the challenges facing new graduates looking to enter our industry. Thank you to Sherry Klein CAS, MPSE President Mark Lanza, and Karen Dunn EIPMA for making this event happen. From September 17 to November 5, 2022: Lost in Translation An in-depth discussion about non-theatrical Atmos Presented by EIPMA Following our desire to educate and inform, we supported this series of informative webinars on a professional level to help educate and introduce some of the present-day challenges so that those interested in our industry can be exposed to the in-depth conversations on this subject. EIPMA was proud to produce this much-needed discussion on the state of immersive sound for the consumer. In this new era of 3D sound and whether you're enjoying media from your phone, TV, car, or local movie theater, the audio is likely supported by Dolby. But what is it, exactly? This webinar series consisted of five sessions held between September 17 through November 5. Veteran industry engineers and professionals discussed the issues and challenges both technical and practical for the proper enjoyment of immersive sound, how these formats translate to the different listening environments for today's consumer, and what companies are doing to prepare, mix, and produce these formats. Lost in Translation: An in-depth discussion about non-theatrical Atmos Webinar 1 – "Translation: Studio Design to the Consumer" –Moderator: Andrew Scheps Webinar 2 – "Translation: for Atmos Music" –Moderator: Andrew Scheps Webinar 3 – "Mixing for Non-Theatrical Atmos" –Moderator: Scott Gershin MPSE Webinar 4 – "Sound Design/Preparing for a Non-Theatrical Atmos Mix" –Moderator: Scott Gershin MPSE Webinar 5 – "Translating to Atmos Recap" –Moderator: Carolyn Giardina This webinar series was a big hit both virtually live and with hundreds of views on our EIPMA YouTube Channel: Many thanks to all that worked so hard to coordinate this series: Scott Gershin MPSE, Sherry Kein CAS, Richard McKernan, Bernard Weiser MPSE, Maureen Droney, Linda Rosner, and Karen Dunn. Vaughan International Film Festival Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Student Filmmaker Award The Vaughan International Film Festival in Vaughan, Canada, is for short films submitted from around the world, along with a student category specifically for high school students from the province of Ontario. These short films are amazing! Submissions are received from around the world, all with very strong stories, each giving one insight to the characters and stories portrayed. As that the VFF has honored EIPMA by naming their student award, The Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Student Filmmaker Award, in February, we will be involved providing industry judges for this VFF category. The Spotlight Series "Schools You Should Know About" We are continuing our Spotlight Series that brings awareness about selected schools and programs, with their teachers and core curriculum which excel in helping students to decide on a career path in the entertainment industry. The first school in this Spotlight Series was "Saint Elizabeth High School," located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Stay tuned with our newsletter and on to see our next program highlighted in this series. This spring 2023, EIPMA is proud to be helping with a new program at the LA Mission: LA Mission Media Lab Partnership Presented by LA Mission EIPMA is supporting the newly established LA Mission Media Lab with panels and mentoring for this new program. Presenting a two-phased approach; Phase 1: Exposing participants to the crafts involved in telling one's story through film/video … producing, writing, production, post production. Phase 2: Telling your story, participants make their video. For more information, go to: In March of 2023, EIPMA will be working with Ashe Arts & STEM: Ashe Arts & STEM and Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Present "There's STEM in That" Mentoring Program This program was developed to support BIPOC high school students (grades 9-12) interested in exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In partnership with EIPMA, the program consists of a series of virtual workshops that integrates soft skill building with life-skill development & post-secondary education culture awareness. Mentees will get personal guidance and support, along with the opportunity to meet & network with experienced STEM professionals via two panel discussions and two speed-mentoring sessions. EIPMA is working and building with an incredible Board and Advisory Council doing their best to make a difference for the development of future talent, through informing, advising, and mentoring, AND representing YOU, our member organizations in this endeavor. THANK YOU all for your support and commitment to EIPMA. Please visit:

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