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Page 86 of 143 | Fall/Winter 2022 | SAG-AFTRA 79 92% OF ROLES REQUIRED SELF-TAPING AUDITION OPPORTUNITIES IN THE PAST YEAR MORE: 42.5% FEWER: 26.1% ABOUT THE SAME: 31.4% 3.5% received a request for an audi on that made them feel unsafe, such as being asked to audi on while driving, in a dangerous environment or in revealing clothing. WHAT CAN I DO? Thank you to members who responded to the survey — and your union isn't done listening. One great way to make your voice heard is to show up to the wages and working condi ons mee ngs for next year's TV/Theatrical and New Media nego a ons and speak up on the kinds of provisions that should be in the union's contracts regarding self-taping. SAG-AFTRA SELF-TAPE INITIATIVES MEMBERS RATED AS MOST IMPORTANT 1 Working to educate cas ng reps and resources regarding allowable requests and the limita ons of self-taping. 2 Commi ng to preven ng and comba ng protected class discrimina on in cas ng. 3 Developing informed self-taping guidelines. Saturday & Sunday TOP 3 SELF-TAPING OR VIRTUAL AUDITION ISSUES 1 Members must provide their own recording equipment. 2 Audi oning over the weekend. 3 Responding with a self-tape within 24 hours.

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