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Winter 2023

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We are buzzing with business this time of year in Theme Park, Theater, Pink Contract, Network TV and Regional. As a point of information, Regional members are a mix of all our classifications. Most live part time or full time in either Northern California (in or around San Francisco) or Southern California (in or around San Diego). They specialize in different classifications as all our membership does. For example, film, TV, industrial, live stage, theater, touring and so much more. If you are taking a Film, Commercial, or any show outside of Los Angeles area, and you have staffing needs for professional make-up artists &/or hair stylists, please reach out to me and I will be happy to put you in touch with one of our area stewards to help you with your booking needs. Our members working at Disneyland are always busy. This is especially true during the holidays. (Isn't it always the holidays at Disneyland?) They work hard as a team to get a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work done. We have approximately 100-plus members working at Disney. Their work demands staying on top of the knowledge they currently use in following strict designs of current shows, as well as learning new design knowledge for upcoming shows. All of the work they do is extremely challenging. Theater, opera & ballet have been doing a great job in keeping things as safe as possible to keep on working! They experienced a prolonged closure due to the pandemic. They are either taking touring shows in or working on tech-ing another shows. They have truly stepped up the safe protocol to keep the shows open. There are many fantastic shows locally, as well as touring. Please support keeping all doors open and go see a show. by Patrice K. Madrigal Assistant to the Business Representative | Theater I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 Theater Roundup SHOW NEWS There is approximately 14-plus Pink Contract shows on the road right now. Some of those tours have our Local 706 members running the hair and make-up department. They do an amazing job. There are times when a Pink Contract show may load into a state and theater that doesn't have experienced artisans for hire. At that point, the touring department is responsible for loading in the hair and make-up department, getting the show ready for that night, and teaching the local hires the track that they will be working on the show that same evening. It's a lot of work. Some shows are easier than others. However, there is nothing easy about touring. Network television has had many of their own struggles. We've had the entire department close. Silly me for wondering why so many on-air talent looked so different than previously. It's simple to say that our make-up artists and hair stylists do an amazing job. The talent loves them. We are so much more than our jobs. They depend on our artists to be 100% for them. We can determine the temperature of the room per say. Our department goes in and does their job and becomes the protective layer between the artists and the audience. I am in constant awe of our membership. Our differences are our strengths. Together, WE have got you covered. Much love & light to you all, Patrice K. Madrigal pmadrigal@ialocal706.org "EVERYTHING MAKES LIVING FEEL LIKE ONE OF THE RARE OCCASIONS WHERE EVERYTHING ALIGNS JUST RIGHT. AN ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PIECE OF WORK." -David Fear, ROLLING STONE HHHHH "A CINEMATIC TREAT!" -Brian Viner, THE DAILY MAIL A L L C A T E G O R I E S I N C L U D I N G BEST PICTURE BEST MAKEUP & HAIR DESIGN NADIA STACEY

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