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AT THE CAPITOL 6 ADVOCATE | FALL 2022 AEA Ballot Recommendations OPPOSE SUPPORT SUPPORT OPPOSE OPPOSE OPPOSE SUPPORT 2022 PROPOSITION 128 Anti-Voter Protection Act Proposition 128 will undermine the Voter Protection Act and allow a simple majority of the Arizona Legislature to change or overrule any ballot measure passed by the voters based on a disagreement in language even if other portions of the law approved by voters is upheld by the courts. e will of the voters should be both respected and protected, and Proposition 128 does neither. AEA asks that you vote NO on Proposition 128. PROPOSITION 129 Single-subject Initiative Act Proposition 129 is another e ort by politicians to silence the will of Arizona voters. If enacted, it will place additional hurdles in the way of Arizonans who look to the ballot to pass policies addressing the real issues Arizonans face. e policy issues we face in Arizona are complex and require solutions that go beyond what a single subject limitation allows. AEA asks that you vote NO on Proposition 129. PROPOSITION 132 Supermajority Vote Act Proposition 132 threatens our ability to pass anything at the ballot. Instead of a simple majority of the vote to pass a measure, this would require a supermajority (60% of the vote). AEA asks that you vote NO on Proposition 132 and keep the power in Arizona voters' hands. PROPOSITION 209 Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act Proposition 209 protects working Arizonans from losing their homes and wages due to unfair predatory debt collection practices. No Arizona family should lose their home or car due to medical emergencies or accidents or be trapped into unending debt by unfair interest rates on medical care. AEA asks that you vote YES on Prop 209. PROPOSITION 211 Voters Right to Know Act Proposition 211 shines the light on dark money in our elections. It ensures transparency from big donors, so Arizona voters know who is trying to pay to in uence the vote in our state. AEA asks that you vote YES on Prop 211. PROPOSITION 308 In-state Tuition for DACA Students Act Proposition 308 will allow Arizona students, regardless of immigration status, to be eligible for nancial aid at state universities and community colleges and in-state tuition if they graduated from and attended a public or private high school, or home school equivalent, for two years in Arizona. AEA asks that you vote YES on Proposition 308. PROPOSITION 309 Voter ID Law Proposition 309 is an attempt to make participating in our elections more di cult by putting additional unnecessary roadblocks in the way for voters who are simply exercising their constitutional right to vote. It is yet another blatant attack on our election process and another attempt to disenfranchise voters. AEA asks that you vote NO on Proposition 309.

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