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64 SAG-AFTRA | Summer 2022 | In Memoriam Peg Small 1/12/22 Lurlean Smaulding 5/25/01 Paul Stockman Smith 4/4/21 Maggie Soderberg 3/22/19 Sungsuk Song 10/2/21 Grayce Spence 6/4/22 Tom Stechschulte 6/7/21 Nico Stevens 11/27/21 Jim Stockdale 10/19/21 Donald Stolz 2/14/15 Randy Stripling 4/16/20 Alec John Such 6/5/22 Whitney Sugarman 5/2/22 Charles Tachovsky 11/13/95 Dom Tattoli 3/24/19 Lloyd Taylor 12/6/20 David Thorpe 8/10/21 Valora Tree 3/27/22 Glen Trotiner 6/16/22 Maurice Tubert 3/5/22 Joseph Turkel 6/27/22 Rennel Turner 11/21/20 Pegeen Valentine 8/31/19 Johnathan Leroy Vance 2/10/07 Mike Vaughn 9/9/21 Gerald Verdorn 5/1/22 John R. Vernon 2/1/05 Susan Walden 8/17/20 Andrew Walker 2/28/22 Marie Walker 5/17/16 Isabella Martinez Wall 6/3/22 Susie Margaret Walsh 3/15/22 Fred Ward 5/8/22 Nicolle Ward 8/2/21 Cedric Lee Watkins 11/14/20 Jonathan Deland Webb 1/30/22 Sunni Welles 8/9/21 Kenneth Welsh 5/5/22 David Westphal 2/11/22 Webster Whinery 6/5/22 Stuart Whitman 3/16/20 Eric Whitmore 2/20/22 Alan Whitney 2/22/92 James Carson Whitsett 5/8/07 George Vincent Williams 11/5/20 Kenneth Williams 6/17/22 Renee Grant Williams 11/12/21 Penelope Windust 2/2/22 William Winslow 3/10/22 Iva Withers 10/7/14 Bill Wittman 10/31/16 Wallace Wong 5/11/21 Steve C. Woods 1/24/21 Judi Wright 4/23/22 George R. Yanok 4/29/22 Charles E. Yeager 12/7/20 Peter Yoshida 1/21/22 Barrie Youngfellow 3/28/22 John K. Zacherle 10/27/16 Jerry Zafer 4/29/20 John Zderko 5/19/22 Louis Zorich 1/30/18 Blair Zwillman 1/2/22 Drescher also reported on the partnership with the NFL Players Association called Actors and Athletes: Unions for Democracy (see page 17). Drescher spoke forcefully against the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, calling it "blatant sexism." Drescher also gave an update on Green Council, an initiative she has been leading to encourage more environmentally friendly practices in the industry. Drescher reported that she has been meeting with allied organizations and will soon announce the members of the full coalition, and is planning for a launch event in September or October 2022. The president also updated the Board on new creative elements she is spearheading for SAG-AFTRA magazine and an effort to encourage members to create an online profile at and register for electronic union communications. During his national executive director's report, Crabtree-Ireland reported on the union's operations and initiatives, including ongoing and upcoming negotiations, strategic partnerships, government affairs and public policy, and staffing updates. He started by thanking the Board for its support and trust as he reached a one-year anniversary as national executive director. He highlighted the success of the Ads Go Union efforts to recapture commercials work and, in particular, the success of the Influencer Agreement and how it is emblematic of SAG-AFTRA's engagement in new business models and protecting members wherever they work. He also reported on the union's continued work on various legislative efforts, including the American Music Fairness Act and California's LAW Act (see page 18). He noted that both collective bargaining and legislative advocacy are key to the success of the union. Secretary-Treasurer Joely Fisher and Chief Financial Officer Arianna Ozzanto presented results for the fiscal year 2022. The year ended with a healthy surplus, beating both revenue and expense targets. The Board received a report from their independent auditors at PriceWaterhouseCoopers that they have issued an unqualified audit opinion. Chief Contracts Officer Ray Rodriguez presented reports on various contracts, culminating in the National Board seating the National Interactive Media Agreement Wages & Working Conditions Plenary Committee and the National Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast Contract Wages & Working Conditions Plenary Committee. The Board voted unanimously to appoint SAG-AFTRA National Vice President, Los Angeles Michelle Hurd and SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local President Jodi Long to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Board of Trustees, and Washington-Mid Atlantic Local Vice President and Vice Chair of the National Broadcast Steering Committee Tracee Wilkins to both the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and the AFTRA Retirement Fund boards of trustees. National Board continues from page 13

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