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SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher noted her enthusiasm for the new audition guidelines, saying, "Protecting performers in the audition process has been long overdue. Not only are these new guidelines effective in addressing the technological changes in the industry, but they reflect SAG-AFTRA's commitment to keeping performers safe from irrational or dangerous demands placed on them, as well as making the audition process as clear and straightforward as possible." Many of the key provisions in this groundbreaking agreement can be read about in detail at commercials, but for now, let's dive into one of the most progressive parts of the contract, the new regulations on auditions: live, virtual and self-taped. A udition notices for principal performers must contain any waivers under which the commercial is being produced, whether exclusivity is being held, notice of conflict areas, and if the spot is being produced under the traditional contract or the new structure provisions. Audition notices must also specify if there are occurrences or depictions of a performer engaging in intimate acts, partial nudity (e.g., shirtless, pantless, only wearing a bathing suit or underwear, sheer or transparent clothing) or if there is required nudity. If intimate acts, partial nudity or nudity is required, prior to the first day of shooting, a member of the production must be made available to answer questions about the nature of any intimate acts, partial nudity or nudity required of the performer. If the producer fails to comply with these guidelines, the performer is entitled to refuse to work and to be paid a full day's pay. Full disclosure keeps performers safe and relations with producers transparent and fair. When requesting a self-taped audition, producers cannot request that performers travel to different locations as part of the audition, but they can request performers move to different rooms or areas in or outside of a performer's home.

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