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Steward Training Focuses on Personal Contracts T he union continued its virtual training for shop stewards this spring with two more interactive webinars. Taking place on April 28, with morning and afternoon sessions, the discussions focused on the benefits and pitfalls of personal services contracts. Chief Broadcast Officer Mary Cavallaro, who hosted the one-hour meetings, noted that many broadcast members are working under two contracts: the union contract and a personal services contract. These personal agreements do not supersede the minimum protections of the union contract, however. Cavallaro fielded questions from broadcasters, discussing exclusivity and noncompete provisions, among other topics. She also highlighted concerns about one-sided provisions that employers have been adding to these contracts, such as ones that lock employees into a term of employment but leave the company free to end the contract prematurely. Note that members can always ask SAG-AFTRA for a free consultation to review the language in a personal services contract before they sign it. The purpose of these ongoing webinars is to familiarize stewards with the most common issues they and their fellow members face. In February, the training sessions centered on the roles and responsibilities of a steward, including being a member liaison, station ambassador and contract enforcer. The News & Broadcast Department has also created an informative manual that outlines the duties of being a shop steward. Contact your staff liaison at your local for an electronic copy. Chicago Local Secures New Agreement at CPM T he Chicago Public Media content creators and technical employee units ratified new successor contracts with numerous improvements. Among the highlights are significant increases to salary minimums, a 4% annual increase in 2022, greater severance protection and caps on health premium employee share. In the months immediately preceding negotiations, Chicago Public Media acquired Chicago's second-largest newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times. The bargaining team was successful in negotiating job security protections, including no layoffs as a direct result of collaboration with Sun-Times employees on Chicago Public Media platforms and content creator unit minimums. Once again, strong bargaining unit member participation was critical to the success of these negotiations. Professional Young Performer After the Year 2000? Check for Unclaimed Wages! U n C l aim e d Co o gan .o r g

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