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ONE MEMBER BOOSTED HIS RETIREMENT INCOME BY KEEPING TRACK OF OLD PAPERWORK. MAYBE YOU CAN, TOO. By F. Hudson Miller I began my union career in 1986, and now, 59,795 hours, 35 years, and one pandemic later, I realize that retirement is rising on my horizon. Being a bit of a financial obsessive (my friends just call me cheap), I figured it was time to do a deep dive into what my MPI pension had in store. Instead of sorting through 3 5 y e a r s o f a n n u a l M P I pension & IAP statements -- I kept them all -- I signed onto the MPIPHP website and downloaded 32 pages of "WORK HISTORY" as a nearly 1000-line Excel sheet. Next, I was literally blowing the dust off my old tax records and finding each year's pay stubs (yes, I kept all of them, too). I sat down with the Excel printout on my left and 35 years of paystubs on my right, and slowly began to relive my crazy life as a union sound editor. (Crazy, yes: One month in 1990 I worked 390 hours.) The good n e w s i s t h a t a s I m a rc h e d back in time, I didn't f ind any issues – at first. Going back about 20 years, without P E R S O N A L F I N A N C E 10 C I N E M O N T A G E SAVE PAYSTUBS, MAKE MONEY

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